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CrossFit Belltown was nominated for Best CrossFit Gym in Western Washington for the 4th year in a row.  This year we finished 2nd out of 92 CrossFit Gyms!  This is our 4th year earning a top 5 spot; and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!


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CrossFit Belltown Holiday Party!

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

7-10pm here at CFBT.


RSVP for yourself and +1 by November 29th by emailing:

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Saturday, November 8th

9:30am CrossFit Class

will be held at Olympic Sculpture Park

(Enter at Western and Broad)

There will be NO BootCamp @ 8:30am, CrossFit @ 10:30am,

-or- Olympic Lifting  @ 11:30


(CrossFit Basic athletes are welcome to attend!)

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Saturday, November 1st 

9:30am CrossFit Class

will be held at Olympic Sculpture Park

(Enter at Western and Broad)

There will be NO BootCamp @ 8:30am, CrossFit @ 10:30am,

-or- Olympic Lifting  @ 11:30


(CrossFit Basic athletes are welcome to attend!)

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image (2)

Name: Jenny Isherwood

DOB: May 17, 1978

Occupation: Reading Intervention Teacher at Einstein Elementary
in the Lake Washington School District

CrossFitting Since: January 2013

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: I participated in my first
CrossFit Open in March of 2013, which wasn’t very long after I
had started CrossFit. When Open Workout 13.2 was announced,
I was so nervous! It was a 10 minute AMRAP of: 5 shoulder to
overhead@75#s, 10 deadlifts, and 15 box jumps. I didn’t think
I could put 75# over my head!! When it came time for me to do
the WOD, I spent almost the entire 10 minutes getting 75#s over
my head 5 times. I had enough time left to quickly squeeze in 6
deadlifts, for a total of 11 reps. During my entire 10 minute struggle, I
remember the elite athletes in my gym – who could have easily done
what I was trying to do – were cheering me on. At the end, they
were genuinely excited that I had scored a measly 11 reps!! This was
the first time that I really felt the power of the CrossFit community and
I’ve been hooked ever since!

Why You Do CrossFit: 9 months later, I redid 13.2 and scored
152 reps! Seeing this type of progress in myself and in others is
absolutely exhilarating! As someone that never made it onto any
athletic teams in school, CrossFit has finally made me feel like an
athlete! I’m able to do things now that I never thought possible. I
also love the amazing coaching we get at CFBT and all the friends
I have made! My 6 am friends are like a family to me!! I just love

Favorite WOD: Any WOD the minute I finish it! Once time is called,
even the most dreaded WODs become the biggest highs!

Favorite Lift: There’s something about the short distance the barbell
travels in a deadlift that really appeals to me.

Least Favorite WOD: Karen. This shorty hates wall balls.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: I was able to do 1 unbanded kipping
pull up for a long time before I could finally string 2 together. I
remember the day I finally did 2 in a row, I got so excited that I flew
off the rig without even trying a third and started dancing! My fellow 6
am friends might remember this

Favorite Cheat Meal: Chicago-style pizza

CrossFit Secret: I secretly feel like a bad-ass now that I can do pull-
ups without a band

What Do You Do On Rest Days: I love doing anything active
outdoors: walking, running, hiking, biking, skiing…cocktails on a nice

What Can’t You Live Without: Music. Thank God Kendra plays
80’s Cardio for me!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere I get to go with my husband,


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6amFridays now have a 6am CrossFit Class.

 This class is scheduled to debut Friday, September 26!

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queen ann park

Track Workout

Saturday, September 20th!

9:30 and 10:30 am CrossFit Classes will be held at

Queen Anne Bowl PlayField

 2806 3rd Ave W, 98119

Please register for class as normal

(Basics and BootCamp members are welcome to attend)

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Share your workout photos from CrossFit Belltown by use #crossfitbelltown!


#crossfitbelltown @crossfitbelltown



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image (1)

Finn William Niekamp

6lbs 4.5 oz. 19.5 inches

Born Sept 11th at 10:45am

Marie and baby Finn are doing well.

From everyone here at CFBT we congratulate and extend our warmest welcomes to your baby boy.

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snatch lincWith great honor, it is our pleasure to announce Coach Lincoln’s impressive 4th place finish in the 55-59 age group, 77kg division, at the 2014 World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Copenhagen, DK.

Lincoln went 3-for-6, with a PR of 75kg in the Snatch and almost finished with a PR in the Clean at 88kg. His finishing total was 160kg, just 3kg short of his PR, not to mention he was 12″ taller than the winner in his division!

After lifting, Lincoln did what he does best, coached! He was there to help his long time friend and OG CrossFitter, Kevin Rogers, in the 94kg division, going 5-for-6 in his lifts.

Fun Fact: There’s a formula for weight lifting called the Sinclair-Metzler-Malone formula. It adjusts for age and body weight and according to the formula his score of 278 is easily his best performance ever. His S-M-M score at National Masters was 263kg. In 2009, when he lifted in the 94kg class and got his highest total ever of 263kg, it was 239kg. So basically “I’m getting better!” And to top it off, he was 12″ taller than the winner in his division this year!

 tall guy

Lincoln is the tall one in the middle!

linc 2014

Lincoln and Kevin Rogers

cj linc

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