Ode to CrossFit Belltown

I’ve just recently moved to Miami and felt moved to write a review for CrossFit Belltown as the ones in Miami just aren’t as good.

Other boxes don’t have personal white boards for their members so you can keep track of your rounds. Other boxes have messy walls because you have to write your own name on the wall and your own times. At CFBT the coaches do it – and they all have great handwriting.

Would I ever have tried CrossFit once upon a time long ago if it hadn’t been CF Belltown that I had walked into? I think not. I like things that are easy on the eyes, tasteful, elegant, chandeliers help too. CFBT has all of those things. CFBT also has handmade leather chairs and wood boxes, we don’t use PVC pipes, CFBT has wood dowels for stretching. We are organized and maniacally clean. We have lockers made of wood and places for people’s weight training shoes.

CrossFit Belltown is like the Equinox of CrossFit

The owners and coaches are fantastic too. One is certified in kinesiology and the other is an official cert coach and travels training people on how to get CF certified. Needless to say all of the coaches are experts in their field. I highly recommend CF Belltown!


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