Member Spotlight: Jill Anstett



Name: Jill Anstett
Date of Birth: February 13
Occupation: Business Manager, Xbox (Microsoft)
CrossFitting Since: Fall 2010
First CrossFit Experience: Val Wright brought me to a class Nadia was teaching at Rain — it was a Tabata of squats, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups.  I could hardly walk out of the gym because my legs were like jello!  I remember calling a friend saying — I just did a 16 minute workout and I feel like it’s the best workout I’ve done in my life!
Favorite CrossFit WOD: Probably Karen because it’s fast but intense.  I also like Cindy because it requires pace and fundamental movements.

Favorite Lift: The deadlift.  This lift makes me feel strong!

Least Favorite WOD: I don’t really have a ‘least’ favorite WOD, but I am not the biggest fan of overhead squats (or anything that resembles them).
Favorite CrossFit Moment: This is tough to answer as there are many moments.  I think one of the best experiences was going through the Opens last year — not only did it push me harder than I thought it would, but the camaraderie and support that was felt every Saturday was simply awesome.
Why do you CrossFit: It’s fun, I see and feel the results, the community is amazing and because it just works.
Cheat Meal of choice: So many to choose from!  Being from an Italian family, pasta and gelato are definitely on the list!  A very close 2nd is a Paseo sandwich.
CrossFit Secret: Set a strategy before the WOD and stick with it.  I always have a number in my head whether it’s rounds, reps, or time to keep me on track.  It helps me pace.
What do you do on your days off: On the days I’m not at CrossFit, I either truly rest or sometimes go for a run and/or a long walk with the dog. I play a little tennis and sometimes practice my golf swing.
Can’t leave home without: Gum and chapstick.
Dream vacation spot:Depends on the type of vacation, but lately I’ve been thinking about Australia/New Zealand or Machu Picchu.  I’m a sucker for Italy, so a wine tasting tour through all Italian regions would also be amazing.



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