Duncan Sailors


Duncan will be substituting some CrossFit Classes for us the week of July 4th. Please get to know him, as he’s really excited to be filling in.

Above the red line


Like most people, I started doing CrossFit in late 2006 on my own in a globo-gym. Up until that time, I had been doing bodybuilder-style workouts and I learned in my high school weightlifting class in the 80′s. CrossFit opened up a whole new world of ideas (and proper form) to me, and  helped me think about training in a whole new way.

With a renewed interest in functional movement at high intensity, I became a certified personal trainer. I wanted to help people get the most out their workouts by avoiding the biggest pitfalls of exercise: injury, lack of motivation, boredom, and (worst of all) enduring hours of hard work without seeing results. I believe a coach should be patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and focused on the client’s needs. It’s my goal to help clients look great, feel awesome, and unlock their amazing potential.

For the past 3 years, I coached at the world’s first CrossFit affiliate; Level 4 CrossFit Seattle. Before that, I worked for 4 years as manager and lead trainer at an exclusive West Seattle personal training studio, where I now direct programming and trainer development.

I’ve trained hundreds of clients in group and one-on-one, with every conceivable limitation, using CrossFit methods with great results. It’s a great feeling to help people accomplish their goals, and then help them reach for possibilities that were perhaps unthinkable.

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