Member Spotlight: Srikanth Murali


Name: Srikanth Murali

Date of Birth : 11/01/86

Occupation: Engineer at

CrossFitting Since: September 2012

First CrossFit Experience: I started with bootcamp last fall. I used to run for 3 miles every day before I joined and I considered myself reasonably fit. My first workout was 7 min AMRAP of 10 Wallballs and 10 Situps and my body couldn’t handle the intensity of that workout. I was feeling very dizzy at the end of the workout and I asked Eric if he had any Gatorade and in return he gave me a 5 min Lecture on what to eat/drink after the workout (perhaps the longest 5 mins of my Life :P). In the end I was sure I was in the right place.

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Any workout with Wallballs or pull-ups.

Favorite Lift: Power clean, Squat Clean. Its pretty challenging, given the amount of technique involved in these lifts.

Least Favorite WOD: Any workout with Burpees, it just slows down my entire workout.  

Favorite CrossFit Moment: When I started doing pull-ups. I started with a green band in Bootcamp and I was expecting make quick progress, but it didn’t turnout to be as simple as I expected. Finally, I was able to do them at around 2 months back and very soon I was able to aggregate 50 pull-ups in a workout. Though this didn’t happen in a single moment, it was definitely my best experience in CrossFit.

Why do you CrossFit: Because its fun. I am sure there can’t be a better reason which makes me to come there and go outside my comfort zone every day with minimal motivation from my side. 

Cheat Meal of choice: Go to an all you can eat Indian buffet. 

CrossFit Secret: I try to take 1 rep at a time and keep pushing every rep. This helps me maintain form and speed during every rep rather than constantly focussing on the target. 

What do you do on your days off: I am probably doing some hike or indoor rock climbing or doing a movie marathon in netflix.

Can’t leave home without: My apartment keys. My door auto locks and I can’t enter with out them.

Dream vacation spot: Some nice Beach with a nearby Scuba Diving spot.

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