Thursday, February 27, 2014


Workout: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Accessory: 2×20 Abmat Sit-ups

The 2014 CrossFit Open kicks off this week.  If you have not yet read the main blog post please do so!  You will find all the information you will need in regards to signing up for a heat time.

I’ve been competing in CrossFit since 2007 and have participated in every CrossFit Open and Regional since it started, so I’d like to share some advice with our crew.

Here are a few things to think about when heading into the Open.

1. The Open is supposed to be FUN.  While it is amazing that you have the ability to now compare yourself to 100,000+ people worldwide, let’s not forget for most of us, that’s not the point.  Getting caught up in what others are doing is not going to help you perform any better.  Focus on YOUR goals and how YOU perform.  It will be much more fun that way…I promise.

2. The Open is supposed to be FUN.  Yes I said that again.  So no need to stress out over the workouts.  Over the years I have seen many people snatch a new weight that they had never hit before, or get their first pull-up or toe to bar because it was required in the workout.  If you can’t do a movement that comes up in the Open, that’s ok.  Just have fun and give it your best attempt.

3. The Open is a 5 week process and the goal is consistency across all weeks.  There is no need to get fixated on one workout.  If you bomb one workout or crush one workout, we know you have some weaknesses.  The goal of CrossFit is not to be the best (or worst) at anything.  We want to be pretty good at almost everything.  If you notice that you crush or bomb certain workouts that’s priceless information; and we can use that to make you a better all around athlete.  Take note of workouts you felt good in and workouts that were particularly tough.  Again, the goal is not to be the best for just one week, but to be consistently good across all 5 weeks.

4. That being said, you may want to do the workout again and I am going to discourage you from doing so.  Unless you have a legitimate chance at making it to the Regional (to put this into perspective out of the 140,000 people who did the open last year, only 3.4% qualified for Regional) there is no need to do these workouts more than once!  You can see if you do these workouts twice across 5 weeks that leaves only 2-3 days to do other CrossFit workouts and your fitness will take a hit.

5. Please make sure you read the rule book on the CrossFit Games Site and watch the standards videos each week.

6. Have Fun. Don’t Stress. This is about YOU vs. YOU.


Clap if you love Burpees!

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