Friday, February 28, 2013


Workout: In teams of two Row 10,000m

Accessory: Group Mobility


All CrossFit Classes will be doing the CrossFit Open WOD, 14.1 on Saturday.  Those who registered for the Open will need to please sign up for a heat time in the gym BEFORE Saturday. You will also need to register via MBO!  If you can’t make it into the gym please email with a window of availability. We will be running heats every 15 minutes.

If you are signed up for the Open, please show up  30 minutes prior to your heat time to get warmed up.  Once your heat time is called you will need to be ready.  You should review the movements and standards ahead of time via the CrossFit Games website.  We will have your bars pre-set for you so all you need to focus on is warming up.

If you are not registered for the Open, please still come to class and register via MBO; however you will not need a HEAT TIME.

If you are doing the Open on Saturday, please go easy on the workout today or just rest.

Now that we know what 14.1 is, prep your body for what lies ahead.  Stretch your calves, shoulders, hips and low back.  Prep your mind, if you struggle with double unders, set a reasonable goal for yourself.  Are 5 Unbroken double unders your current PR? Set a goal of 10 during 1 round of the workout.  Maybe you have never snatched 75# or 55# before? Set a goal of doing 1.  Set realistic goals for yourself and remember its You vs You! HAVE FUN!


photo (12)

Chris with a 455×3 Deadlift

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