Member Spotlight: Nate Holtz


Name: Nate Holtz…although my mom and Nadia both call me Nathan, so that works too.

 DOB: 12/02/81

 Occupation: Network Engineer

 CrossFitting Since: April 1st, 2013.

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: My very first CrossFit class outside of bootcamp was a partner workout with a very understanding JP Emery. The WOD consisted of AMRAP cleans, a run and a rope climb.

Fun fact: I had never climbed a rope before. The workout was hard enough, but there were a few crucial bits of information that I was ignorant on. Unaware of the damage a rope burn could cause, I left my legs completely unprotected and open to the mercy of the rope. Thanks to JP’s effort and encouragement, we made it through 15 rounds despite me slowing us down. I am now the proud owner of a nasty rope burn scar and a quote from JP I will never forget. I apologized for being so slow mid workout and JP, positive as ever said “It’s no problem at all. I get to rest the entire time you’re going! Go slower if you need to.”

Favorite WOD: Helen! Hands down Helen. Elizabeth is a close second and I absolutely despise running, but I love me some KBS and pull-ups!

Favorite Lift: Cleans for days. Knowing what I am capable of front squatting and looking at the intimidating bar sitting on the ground loaded up for a heavy clean is both intimidating and exhilarating.

Least Favorite WOD: Annie annie bobannie banana fanna fo fanny fee fi fo …f*ck I hate double unders.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: My favorite moment would probably be when I got my first muscle up. I had been practicing jumping muscle ups and doing daily dips and push-ups for a good while when we had a “skill day”. I thought “what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.” Much to my surprise, my body just did it’s thing and before I really could process what was happening, I was at the top. Brian Johnson commented “I wish you could see your face right now!” I truly was shocked at how quickly it came. Coach Joe Pacquing followed up with some killer technique knowledge on my strict muscle up and now I share it with everyone who will listen to my yappin. When a technique that has been hampering you clicks like that, it’s the best feeling. Definitely addicted to that feel.

Why You Do CrossFit: Without question, the coaches and community at CFBT. I view CrossFit as a sort of team sport. There is the comradery from the people you workout with, just enough competition to be healthy and the accountability if you don’t show up. I see the people at CFBT more than my friends and family, so it has to be a pretty special place to keep me coming back. I can’t emphasize how wonderful it is that CFBT is a pretty Bro-free establishment. Ego is checked at the door and the main competition you have should be your previous best effort. The genuine support and kind attitude from the coaches makes CFBT the best fit for me personally. When I first started, I thought “ya’ll really can’t be this nice”, but it was the truth. The coaches want you to succeed, period. If that means some tough love on perfecting a movement to scaling a WOD so that you can succeed, they have it covered. I could barely do a pull-up when I started and now I can’t get enough muscle ups and other complex movements. I can honestly say that CrossFit has changed my life and CFBT is the reason I Crossfit.

Favorite Cheat Meal: I don’t exactly follow a meal plan. I eat when I’m hungry and when I’m hungry, I eat what sounds good. Everything in moderation, right?…except for protein. I shoot for 3600 calories and 185ish grams of protein a day. If something tasty fits in, then it gets a one way ticket to my tum.

 CrossFit Secret: Understand that you will have peaks and valleys on your journey. Accepting and recognizing when your body needs you to slow your roll a bit is key to avoiding injury. Never taking yourself too seriously will grant you a lot of good vibes in CrossFit and in life.

What Do You Do On Rest Days: Bourbon, beer and best pals.

What Can’t You Live Without: Fashion, cooking and Nick Wooster. These are a few of my favorite things.

Favorite Vacation Spot: I am so bad about taking actual vacations and I’m a city folk. If I were to take a vacation this year, it would be to visit friends in New York, so let’s go with that.

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