Member Spotlight: Sam Kneeland

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Name: Sam Kneeland

DOB: 12/17/82

Occupation: Online Marketing at Nordstrom

CrossFitting Since: Oct. 2012, credit to Michael and Amy Affronti.

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: During On Ramp (now Basics) with Coach Brandon at the old gym, we had to do a 400m farmers carry. I blithely grabbed two 35 pound kettle bells and set off down 2nd Ave. After about 10 steps, I realized I had made a terrible mistake when my child hands couldn’t maintain a grip and my arms felt like they were ripping out of my shoulder sockets.  I approached Buckley’s (sports bar) in this struggling state only to be cheered on by drunken football fans.  Brandon eventually rescued me from my own foolishness and I’ve stuck to dumbbells ever since.  Thus started my illustrious CrossFit career.

Favorite WOD: Diane. I also like EMOM WODs.

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Least Favorite WOD: Karen – wall balls are the devil.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: Surprising myself when I did my first kipping pull up.  Generally, my favorite CF moments involve witnessing classmates surprising themselves with their own PRs…like Jenny whooping with joy and jumping joyously around the gym after stringing a number of pull ups together and Mel progressing from whipping herself with double under attempts to absolutely killing 14.1 practically the next day.

Why You Do CrossFit: My 6am crew, amazing and hilarious coaches, and the facility itself.  CFBT is like the Whole Foods of CrossFit boxes…you feel fancy just being there.  Our community is incredibly supportive, funny, freakishly smart and professionally accomplished.  I’m lucky to have you as friends!

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pasta. So much pasta.

CrossFit Secret: I’ve never actually done Karen…but I can imagine it would be my least favorite WOD.

What Do You Do On Rest Days: Sleep past 5:30 AM.

What Can’t You Live Without: Parmesan cheese, happy hour, sunshine in Seattle that makes the weather the rest of the year bearable.

 Favorite Vacation Spot: Black Butte Ranch, near Bend, Oregon.

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