Welcome Kelly!

Please welcome Kelly to the CFBT Coaching Staff. She will start coaching classes next week!


I recently uprooted my life in Chicago to experience the west coast! My husband of 4 years and two dogs tagged along for the adventure and so far it’s been quite a ride! Leaving my old gym was unbearably hard. I knew it would be impossible to replace but that there were other boxes out there for me to find and invest into next. Luckily, I discovered CrossFit Belltown! I now have the honor and pleasure of coaching the CFBT community and couldn’t be more thrilled.

I discovered CrossFit  through sport specific training for ultimate frisbee. Yes, frisbee! It’s a grueling endurance sport that I’ve played at the elite level for the past 6 years. I really enjoyed CrossFit from the first 3,2,1 GO- the intensity, challenge, competition and fight. However my coaching passion didn’t grow until I met Rudy Tapalla and trained at CrossFit Chicago. Rudy’s contagious coaching style got me hooked and inspired me to start on the path of becoming a coach. After a long interning process, then assistant coaching and finally lead coaching, I haven’t looked back.

My experience at CrossFit Chicago was truly amazing. I feel in love with sport, it’s community and all movements used in CrossFit. (Excluding thrusters…) In the past 4 years, I worked part time and then full time at CFC, competed at the Regional level and have participated in many seminars and certifications for further my knowledge. Coaching is a big passion of mine; like Carl Paoli says, I truly want athletes to ‘move like you care’. Not only does it make you more efficient and quick, but it will also provide a healthy longevity for athletes and their lives.

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