Member Spotlight: Lucas Lima


Name: Lucas Lima

DOB: 09/14/1990

Occupation: Software Engineer

CrossFitting Since: September 2015

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: My first CrossFit Open, last year (2015). It was incredible to see the whole gym come together every Friday night and cheer on each other, sharing the same anxiety and excitement for the upcoming WOD, and the joy and relief after every completed workout.

Favorite WOD: Anything with bodyweight movement for time. Angie, for example.

Favorite Lift: Clean & Jerk for sure. And I still have a love/hate relation with Snatch.

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with running and/or overhead squats.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: First, when I jerked 200 lbs — I had already hit a huge PR with 185 lbs and it felt good, so I tried again at 195 lbs and didn’t believe what I had just done. I was going to stop but got convinced to try again at 200 and to this date, I don’t know how I did that. The second time was a power clean at 200 lbs — this time I wanted it so badly and had failed twice that day so getting it on the third attempt was thrilling.

Why You Do CrossFit: Having a community of like minded individuals who are constantly striving to be better and pushing others to their limits is addictive. Also, CrossFit is the only fitness workout so far that didn’t bore me and makes me see continuous improvement since the first workouts.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pão de Queijo (Cheese bread), Brigadeiro e Pudim (look it up on google — those are some awesome Brazilian desserts). And any other food that my grandmother cooks 🙂

CrossFit Secret: Listen to everyone, all the time. Everyone has a little cue or hint that they use and you can incorporate in your training. Even listening to the coaches explain how to do a push up for the warm up, for example, every now and then, they’ll let out a small hint that could make you a little more efficient and it all adds up.

What Do You Do On Rest Days: I try being active and practicing other sports. I love board sports, so on the winter you can probably find me snowboarding and in the summer I’ll probably be skating somewhere or doing a light hike/trail. (If there was a closer warm water beach here, I’d probably be surfing year-round).

What Can’t You Live Without: SUN! I went nuts last winter right after moving to Seattle and I’m already suffering some anxiety for the lack of Sun we’re going to have in the upcoming months.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Any warm water beach in Brazil: Trancoso/BA, Itamambuca/SP, Tijucopava/SP, Copacabana/RJ… The list goes on.

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