Member Spotlight: Jason Piper


Name: Jason Piper aka “Piper”

DOB: July 27, 1979

Occupation: Regional Director for an Investment Management Firm (fancy way of saying “Sales”)

CrossFitting Since: December 2009

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: I had a couple of friends who were always talking about “CrossFit”, and since they did the same job that I do(I.e. lots of travel, eating out, happy hours, and things that generally unhealthy) I thought I’d look into it. It so happened that the first affiliate on the planet was right across the Ballard bridge (I lived in Magnolia), so I had to check it out. After a guy named Dave Werner put me through a grueling 4-minute workout, I was hooked. I figured that if I can be in that much pain in 4 minutes, an hour must get you into great shape quick. I’ve been showing up ever since!

Favorite WOD: Definitely, without question, Helen. I love the mix of movements (plus I like to run), I love the kettle bell swings (Dave Werner’s answer to most problems in life was a kettle bell), and there are just enough pull-ups to make it really uncomfortable. And, it’s one of the few workouts where a tall gangly guy like me can actually have an advantage.

Favorite Lift: Squats. I have gained more physical benefit from squats that from anything else. I also received a compliment from a girlfriend several years ago on my “posterior chain development”, and I believe I may still be riding the high from that.

Why Do You CrossFit: I have always been active; when I was young I did tons of manual labor, I ran track and played basketball, I’ve done triathlons and ran road races. When I found CrossFit, I found a way to run and lift and climb but also learn and grow; I love the fact that I still have so much to learn about the body, movement, food, etc. I also love that I’m still excited to show up to class after 6+ years of CrossFitting, the people and CFBT make it something I look forward to.

Favorite Cheat Meal: My food vices include: pizza, maple bars, dark chocolate, and bourbon. This list is nowhere near exhaustive.

CrossFit Secret: In two words: Commitment and Consistency. It’s more than a workout, it’s a process. If you show up consistently, commit to the process, and are open to learning, you will reap tremendous rewards. Oh, and if you take more than two weeks off, it REALLY hurts getting back into it!!

On Rest Days: I love wandering the city with my wife and 3-year old daughter, I love to fish, and I love woodworking. So if I have time, I’m usually doing one of those three things.

What Can’t You Live Without: My family and friends, my kitchen, and my workshop.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Europe, with an emphasis on the coast of Croatia. My wife is from Bosnia, so I have tour guide to take me around and show me the Adriatic. It’s fantastic.

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