Holiday Hours


Holiday Hours

Thursday, December 15th – 430pm, 530pm & 630pm classes are being cancelled as we prepare for our annual holiday party.

Friday, December 16th – 600am class only will be cancelled for the day.

Monday, December 19th through Thursday, December 22nd12pm, 430pm, 530pm & 630pm classes will be un-coached; we will only have ‘Open Gym’ hours available for the days/times listed. However, we will still be sure to post a workout for those of you not following your own programming that still wish to attend class (keeping in mind you will not have a coach to lead you through said workout). Meghan will be on hand to offer any assistance where necessary, as she has her CrossFit Level One Certificate and can help as needed. Please do not be afraid to ask her for assistance or guidance.

Friday, December 23rd – 600am and 630pm classes are cancelled.

Saturday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) – All classes cancelled.

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