Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workout: Row 10x 250m

Rest as needed between sets.

image2 (22)

Taking Hump-Day To A Whole New Level

Doggy Daycare note to Owners:

Please make sure your pups are kept leashed to either the tall stairway closest to the restrooms or as shown here tied to the GHD apparatus (only if kept quiet and well-behaved). Also, considering the recent increase in CFBT puppy adoptions, please also feel free to leash your canine to a kettlebell at the front of the gym… or the dry-erase board at the rear of the gym if and only if the stairwell and/or GHD are already occupied. Leashing said canine anywhere else in the gym will not be allowed (and absolutely no pets are to be allowed in the den unless said pet can fit inside a shoebox). Additionally, pets are only allowed to be off-leash when class is no longer in session.

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  1. Cem Sibay says:

    As an animal lover- in my previous box to cfbt, we had a puppy die from a very preventable accident. Its easy to get comfortable and be relaxed, but the above “rules” are actually very much common sense (as it unfortunately turned out for the puppy I mentioned)…

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