H.D. Thoreau wrote “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined!” This is a great quote; however, I never thought the life I imagined would be a reality. I am 30 years old and have struggled with my weight and lacked the motivation to do something about it. However, I was bound and determined to make a change. I joined a name brand gym and went 5 times per week, doing the required 60 minutes of cardio…then off to weights for 5 day split.  It was paying off as I had lost 80 pounds, but something was missing and I was bored. I kept seeing the same “meat heads” doing the same routine day-after-day coupled by the non-supportive atmosphere was driving me crazy, not to mention the nastiness of people not wiping down their equipment. I was in a basic routine and knew there had to be something better out there.

I remember walking past Crossfit Belltown and seeing a chalkboard that listed their website (www.crossfitbelltown.com). Intrigued, I went home to looked it up, and was hooked.  Nadia and Eric let me into their inaugural bootcamp class and my journey began. Being an athlete at CrossFit Belltown has been the best thing for me, better than all the rest. I was 338lbs when I started 6 months ago and now down to 234lbs (14 more to goal!). In addition to the lack of motivation, Nadia and Eric helped me realize I also had an eating problem. However, with their help I was able to conquer this obstacle. They showed me the healthier side of living and about making a lifestyle change for myself. And let me tell you, seriously, it really helped me. I am in the best shape of my life right now, faster and stronger. I CrossFit 5x per week and consider CFBT my second home. I am able to deadlift 305lbs, row 500 meters in 1:21, shoulder press 115 lbs, and run. I have participated in 3 5K races over the last month and have improved from a 15 min mile to a 13 min mile. In the past I had never ran or even considered running a 5k! I am now beginning training for a marathon and hope to eventually compete in the CrossFit games.  I couldn’t ask for a better program to get me motivated and physically fit to succeed in all my training. I will never again go back to just lifting weights and doing the elliptical when I know how fit I can be with CrossFit Belltown.

Thank you for exceeding my expectations!!!  If there is any advice I could give to those who are considering CrossFit…it’s extremely addictive and you might find yourself reading the CrossFit journal at all hours of the day.

So, go ahead, live your dreams…live the life you’ve imagined!


Last year CrossFit both intimidated me and intrigued me as I had heard all kinds of stories about CrossFit. While a bit skeptical I walked into CrossFit Belltown to enroll in their boot camp program to find out firsthand what CrossFit was all about. I had no idea that it would completely change the way I look at health, fitness and nutrition. CFBT has provided me the motivation, coaching, direction and a supportive community that keeps me coming back over and over again. I never thought I would ever plan my busy work schedule around the workouts at CFBT, but I do. The workouts and methodologies of CrossFit are so engaging and effective in such a short amount of time. The physical achievements and gains that I have attained have been amazing. Aside from myself, the friends from my boot camp class also find themselves in amazing shape.

CrossFit Belltown has created a community made up of wonderful people who all are very supportive, competitive, and motivating. They have help me discover what I never thought I was capable of as I am surprised to find myself in the best shape of my life with just less than one year of CrossFit under my belt. Thank you CFBT for everything..!


Ode to CrossFit Belltown

I’ve just recently moved to Miami and felt moved to write a review for CrossFit Belltown as the ones in Miami just aren’t as good.

Other boxes don’t have personal white boards for their members so you can keep track of your rounds. Other boxes have messy walls because you have to write your own name on the wall and your own times. At CFBT the coaches do it – and they all have great handwriting.

Would I ever have tried CrossFit once upon a time long ago if it hadn’t been CF Belltown that I had walked into? I think not. I like things that are easy on the eyes, tasteful, elegant, chandeliers help too. CFBT has all of those things. CFBT also has handmade leather chairs and wood boxes, we don’t use PVC pipes, CFBT has wood dowels for stretching. We are organized and maniacally clean. We have lockers made of wood and places for people’s weight training shoes.

CrossFit Belltown is like the Equinox of CrossFit

The owners and coaches are fantastic too. One is certified in kinesiology and the other is an official cert coach and travels training people on how to get CF certified. Needless to say all of the coaches are experts in their field. I highly recommend CF Belltown!

Kind notes from our visitors and former members:

– CFBT is the best the gym. You guys have the best coaches, style of coaching and programming. I’m totally at a lost at other gyms. When I have time I’m going to hit a few more on the east side and hope I find something. It’s so hard coming from CFBT and trying to workout at other gyms. You set the bar too high. -Julei

– Thanks for the great workout. You have a really great box. You can tell that you have put a lot of effort into it, especially with all the attention to detail. In doing research for opening my own box, I traveled around the country and have probably visited about 30 to 40 boxes. Yours is definitely up there with the best of them. Really appreciate the hospitality. Anytime you’re out in the Chicago area please do look us up. -Andres

– I really love your facility there, the attention to design in the space adds a lot of value. Thanks again for offering the services to travelling crossfitters. Eric gave me some tips on how to start to work on my shin splints, I didn’t realize it was something I should be concerned about. The class was great, I appreciated getting a CF workout in while I’m in town. – Anthony

– You guys have one of the nicest Gym’s I have ever seen. I travel around to a lot of boxes and yours is the first one I have ever seen that has the Crossfit ball buster feel with an element of refinement. The coaching was first class. You guys do a great job, and your clients should not take you for granted. I respect the fact that you wouldn’t squeeze me to a “full” class because you are right, that wouldn’t be fair to the members.

CFBT is another example of why I have fallen in love with this sport so much in just 18 months. The mind set of the “community” of crossfitters is just as powerful as the concept itself.

One of my fellow members is moving to Seattle for work and I just got done singing your praises to him and to check you out when he moves next week. – Shane

– Thanks for letting me drop in.  I’ve hit a handful of gyms across the country during my travels and you have the nicest gym by far.  Brandon is a fantastic coach with a perfect amount of passion and energy.  Additionally I love the community feel your gym has, as everyone was very welcoming.  I look forward to a return visit.  – Eric