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Geoff Adleman
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Geoff Adleman

Athlete of the month: September 2017

Name: Geoffrey Charles Adleman

DOB: March 11th, 1983

Occupation: VP Operations at Sansaire, Official Owner of the Green Bay Packers

CrossFitting Since: January 2016

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: The day after a very intense WOD. Almost every muscle group was tight, sore, or on strike. I was intrigued at the efficiency of it all. I worked out for less than an hour and felt like it was at least ten times that. I was intrigued and from that moment forward, hooked.

Favorite WOD: JT, I really like WODs where you work out with your own body weight and this one is 21-15-9 of handstand push-ups, ring dips, and push-ups. It was also the very first “Hero WOD” and was named in honor of Petty Officer First Class Jeff Taylor. Go Navy.

Favorite Lift: Push Press. I love me some shoulder lifts; enough said.

Least Favorite WOD: Probably Annie and I have never even done it. However, I am really good at whipping my shins, back of neck, and sometimes the side of my face while attempting double unders. Until I can beat my course record of ~16 in a row, this will probably remain my least favorite WOD.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: Just after my entrance exam for CFBT when Eric told me I couldn’t workout at Belltown. He said some other things too, like “wow, I have never seen that before” and “you just combined like three different movements, and badly” and “there are plenty of other gyms out there.” I think failing like that at something I thought I had a grasp on really lit a fire in me. I immediately harbored a deeper respect for the quality of the movements and the science behind the form, which were key principles for being a member at CFBT. It has completely changed the way I look at working out.

Favorite Cheat Meal: McDonald’s 10-piece nugget meal with a coke to drink and a cheeseburger for dessert.

CrossFit Secret: There is a gap between our mental and physical limits. We want to stop or give-up often long before our physical limit, catering to our mental limit. You must recognize that gap, become acquainted with it, get to know it, and then shorten it. That gap represents unclaimed potential you have for whatever WOD or movement you are tackling.

What Do You Do On Rest Days: I am actually a runner. A 2-hour jaunt on some path or trail is my church. So, I take advantage of longer runs on non-CrossFit days.

What Can’t You Live Without: Beer and Legos. I got into homebrewing 5 years back and have over 30 years of Lego building experience. Put the two together and I am walking on sunshine. They are both stress relivers and without them I would surely drift off into cold dark space.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Any place with a nice beach where you can easily get a margarita on the rocks with extra salt on the rim.


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