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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Workout: Deadlift: 10-10-10-10-10

Accessory: 3×15 Hip Extensions


‘Wanting It’ And ‘Attaining It’ Are Two Completely Different Paradigms

When coaches offer advice, it becomes obvious very quickly as to who actually wants to improve and who wants to pave their own way… on their own terms, often completely unaware there is no one else that wants you to succeed more than us as coaches.

We can tell you what to do until we are blue in the face; but it is up to you as the athlete to take ownership of your actions when it comes to improving your game, let alone your overall health and well being. We always want to hear advice about what will make us leaner, stronger, faster. Maybe we want to chat about what to change in our diets or what we need to do to improve our lifts.

Make this the year that you take ownership of what you should be doing to achieve your goals. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself one all-important question… Do I really want to get better in this area? Do I really want help? Is it that important to me? Or does the idea of getting better at muscle-ups just sound cool for now, but practicing the false-grip for five minutes a week is just too much to ask vs. using a regular grip  because “that’s how Rich Froning does it”?

After answering this question, you can determine whether you are truly committed to achieving your set goals or if you need to reassess what you really want out of this journey down CrossFit Lane.

We as coaches — challenge you — to challenge us — to make you better. Period.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Workout: Five round for time of:

15 Thrusters (95, 65)

15 Bar-Facing Burpees


Wedding Bells & KettleBells

Ann and Ben had originally planned for a destination elopement on a cliffside in Italy, but ultimately decided to have a church wedding instead. They channeled all of their inspiration into every aspect of the day — tuxes, textures, glamour, romance… Everything was as opulent as it was perfect.

What stood out most from Ben and Ann’s very special day was a phone call between Ben and Ann moments before the white dress went on. The forecast for the day was dismal. Wind and rain threatened all day. But their vision was of a side open reception under the sky and market lights… not the ‘Plan B’ ballroom. The time to make the call came and went a few times and everyone had their own opinion. Ben called Ann and said, “You know what, let’s risk it. We have dreamed of what we want, and you know what… If taking a risk together on our wedding day is what we do, then let’s do it, together!”. Cue the tears! And man was everyone so glad that they did! It was a tad windy, but it never rained a drop. Both Ben and Ann had their dream wedding.

Yep. Life is about taking risks; if you never try, you have nothing to gain. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Carlson on a beautiful life together… and all the gains!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Workout: Shoulder Press: 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Accessory: Two rounds:

20 Bent Over DB or chip (plate) Lat Flys

20 Bent Over DB or chip Windmills

THEN — 100 Banded Press Downs



The Pull-up Challenge

We have one rep max goals in all of the major lifts; why not have one for pull-ups as well? How about being able to do a strict pull-up with the same amount of weight that you can bench press? Just to make the math easy, a two-hundred pound male that bench presses three-hundred pounds should be able to perform a strict weighted pull-up with one-hundred pounds added to his frame, totaling three-hundred pounds.

So if we cannot currently do this, how do we get there? What are some things we can do? With volume training (i.e., “If you are lacking in the pull-up department… just do more pull-ups…”), many athletes break the core to extremity principle and activate the biceps before the lats and musculature of the upper back… which is incredibly inefficient and builds poor motor recruitment patterns. those inefficiencies only get you so far before you begin to get punched in the face by the fatigue or the tendonitis fairy.

Instead, focus on Isometric holds. This can be accomplished by jumping (or pulling) your chest to the top of the pull-up bar; keeping your shoulders pulled back and down. With your elbows, pretend like you are elbowing someone in the gut and really pull them way back. You will feel the muscles firing and burning in the upper back, similar to when we programmed ring row holds in last Monday’s Bootcamp class. Those are the muscles we should be striving to use in most pulling movements.

Try adding 30-45 second holds in to your training at the conclusion of your workouts as accessory-work. You’ll find, as taxing as it can be, you’ll only need to accumulate the time once per training session. Once you can accomplish 45 seconds successfully (without any breaks), try adding some additional weight. Before you know it, you will be banging out a one rep max pull-up equivalent to your one rep max bench press.


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Monday, May 2, 2016

Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

50 double-unders

10 Back Squats (135, 95)

Accessory: 100 banded Good Mornings for speed

image1 (1)

Have An Epic Week!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

12 dumbbell deadlifts

9 dumbbell hang squat cleans

6 dumbbell push jerks

Accessory: 400m Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry

image2 (15)

The Ultimate Torture Machine

Huge congrats to Jesse S for PR’ing his 2K row yesterday. Jesse posted one of the fastest times of the day ~ 6:58.8 (good enough to earn himself a seat in most collegiate Lightweight rowing programs… with exception of the Ivy Leagues).

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Workout: Row 2k

Accessory: Accumulate 50-100 perfect push-ups


YOU Are What Makes You Go Faster

The hardest part of your workout should not be deciding where to put your damper setting on your rower. Everyone is doing the same amount of work regardless of where the lever sits. “But coach, I row with the damper setting on ’10’ because it’s the hardest and therefore I’m doing the most work.” No, not exactly. The Concept2 rower is a variable resistance device… the harder you work, the harder the rower works against you, regardless of the damper setting.

To clarify how the damper setting works, imagine you are in an actual boat. A damper setting of ’10’ is the same as rowing in a tug boat – 60feet long, 10feet wide, and impossible to flip. It’s heavy, it’s slow, but if you can get it moving… it has quite a bit of inertia. A 4-5 on the damper setting is the equivalent of an actual racing shell – 24feet long, 18inches wide, and the slightest tilt will flip you upside down… a set of five strokes will get you moving quite quickly. A damper setting of 1-3… there really is no boat at all.

So what is the best damper setting for you? This depends on many factors – primarily weight. Working being second. The following is a layman’s chart of where your damper should be set, based on bodyweight.

250lbs – 6-7
200lbs – 5-6
175lbs – 4-6
150lbs – 3-4
125lbs – 2-3

“So what about damper settings above a ‘7’… Surely, there’s a place for it?”. Yes, but only for distances normally under 250 meters. This is not a rule — but a suggestion. The reason we say this is that unless you have been trained with the proper stroke for years, you will likely cause more damage to yourself at these settings. The demands that each stroke put on the body can easily lead to injury if there are any deficiencies whatsoever in your rowing mechanics; the rowing machine is the one place on earth you do not want to leak efficiency… lending credence to the phrase “Dead in the water.” Or just think of it this way – The damper setting is not what makes you go faster. YOU are what makes YOU go faster.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Workout: “Taylor”

4 rounds for time of:

Run 400m

5 burpee muscle-ups

Accessory: Accumulated 3-minute weighted plank


Our Scars Are Our Medals

Our scars tell a story… They are reminders of when life tried to break us, but failed.


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Workout: 1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats: 1-1-1-1-1

Accessory: 100 Banded Glute Bridges


What Is Your ‘Bell’ ?

In Navy SEAL training, 80-85% of it’s recruits don’t see the third day of Hell Week, let alone the last day of training. It takes a lot of work to even show up for day one, but it doesn’t take much to end it — All you have to do is say “I quit”, ring the bell three times, and it’s over. The end.

SEAL training is about pushing people to their lowest point, and watching the decisions they make — When they are at their lowest point, tired, hungry, cold… do they  give in? Do they take the easy way out?

During the most difficult portions of training, SEAL instructors will have the bell with them, to make it that much more enticing and easy to quit. It just sits there, in plain sight, always ready for the next taker.

You see, most people focus on the illusion of the shiny object, not the reality of what it takes to achieve it. The amateur can only see the end state. The professional focuses on the fundamentals and incremental progress. If you think the “bell” doesn’t exist in your life, your eyes are closed. It is everywhere. Laziness, procrastination, selfishness, lack of discipline -you fill in the blank- all small rings of the bell. The bell is everywhere, and it is always calling you. Ring it enough times and you will find yourself looking back, filled with regret.

The sound of the bell haunts many people. Don’t let the decisions you make when things get difficult end up haunting you.

Here are just a few more life lessons you can learn from a SEAL.

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Member Spotlight: Christopher Hadlock

YouTube Preview Image

Name: Christopher Hadlock

DOB: August 26th, 1975

Occupation: Artist / Bartender

CrossFitting Since: April 2014

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: In my first month of CrossFit, we were doing a WOD which included box jumps EMOTM and I wasn’t very efficient at box jumps and had no stamina. Eric came over just after about halfway through — I was floundering and barely able to step up — and told me that I’d probably be able to get more out of the rest of my time if I took a minute off. I thought, “Um, okay,” took a minute off to breathe, and when I got back into it, I was able to finish out the WOD with much better vigor. I was sold on the coaching of CrossFit.

Favorite WOD: I think my favorite WOD is… I have no way to quantify this except to say that I’m looking forward to repeating and improving my performance on the Open workout 16.4:

55 Deadlifts
55 Wall balls
55 calorie row
55 Handstand push-ups

Favorite Lift: It’s a tie between the Deadlift and the Clean

Least Favorite WOD: Without a doubt Open workout 16.1: overhead walking lunges with burpees. F**k that… which means I need to work on those, and I get that. But, f**k that.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: My favorite CrossFit moment is either that moment when everyone is milling around or getting to know one another before the class starts — there’s an excitement or anticipation of what we’re about to do — or the moment you finish a workout which has smashed you and you know it’s over. And they happen every time I come to CrossFit.

Why You Do CrossFit: Along with the previous answer, it’s the community. And, I come away feeling like a functional human. I can accomplish anything.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pad Thai followed by ice cream.

CrossFit Secret: Save the cheerleader, save the world. No, really. Show up. You have to experience it to love it. Just keep showing up.

What Do You Do On Rest Days: Bartend, bike.

What Can’t You Live Without: Oxygen, but I keep testing that theory with running.

Favorite Vacation Spot: NYC



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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Workout: Masters Qualifier Event 3

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

55 double-unders

15 chest-to-bar pull-ups

5 Hang Power Cleans (155, 105)

image3 (2)

CrossFit Belltown Super Spartans!

Congratulations to Sarah, Andrea and Kelly for dominating the Seattle Spartan Race this past Saturday. They all tackled the ‘Super’ Spartan; a grueling 8+ mile, 24+ obstacle course over rough terrain in the back hills of Snohomish, WA.

Super great job!

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