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Friday, August 29, 2014

Workout: “Jackie”

1000 meter row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 pull-ups

Time Cap: 14 minutes

Accessory: Spend 10 minutes working on a weakness or mobility


CrossFit Belltown at the

Seattle Mariners Baseball Game!


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Labor Day Schedule Changes

Monday, September 1, 2014

There will be a 10:30am and 12pm class only.

Please register for class as normal.

(Basics and BootCamp Members are welcome to attend!)



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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Workout: Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Accessory: 3×15 Weighted Abmat Sit-ups 
3×15 Hip Extensions


BootCamp doing work outside the box.

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Wednesday, August27, 2014

Workout: Seven rounds for time of:
5 Handstand push-ups
10 Deadlifts (185,135)
10 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Double-unders


Monday, September 1, 2014

There will be a 10:30am and 12pm class only.

Please register for class as normal.

(Basics and BootCamp Members are welcome to attend!)




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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Workout: Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Accessory: Easy 800 meter Run 70%-80% Effort




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Monday, August 25, 2014

Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
30 second Handstand hold
30 second Squat hold
30 second L-sit hold
30 second Chin over bar hold

cfbt 73

Seattle Mariners Game is Tuesday @ 7:10pm!

Pick up your tickets at the Front Desk please.

(meet at your seats)

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Welcome Sabrena!

Please welcome Sabrena! She will be hosting

a ‘Yoga for CrossFit’ class on Wednesday, August 27th at 7:30pm.


CrossFit Bio

One day in 2010, my husband and I were walking down a sidewalk in downtown Kansas City, MO. It was lunchtime and we came upon a place that had the doors open with music playing and a group of people working hard and having a blast. This was my first glimpse of CrossFit. Shortly after that day, my husband and I tried our first CrossFit workout and we were hooked! We recently moved to Seattle and found CrossFit Belltown. Needless to say, we are thrilled to be a part of the CrossFit Belltown community!

I have been working in the fitness industry since I was 15, first teaching “aerobics” and then progressing to personal training and being an educator for other fitness professionals. I’ve always known that I wanted to help others safely and effectively improve health and wellness through exercise. After receiving my bachelor’s in exercise science and master’s in biomechanics at the University of Kansas, I continued in the business of fitness and accumulated many certifications and credentials, including Pilates and yoga. Recently, I became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and I couldn’t be more proud of this achievement. CrossFit is a workout, a community, and a culture that allows people to achieve incredible feats of strength and perseverance that they never realized they possessed. I am passionate about CrossFit because never before have I experienced the unique camaraderie and results that come from CrossFit training, and I’ve been in this industry for over 25 years!

Yoga Philosophy

One my favorite aspects of being a fitness professional is to teach people how to achieve performance goals through intelligent movement mechanics. This means different things for each individual, but ultimately we can all benefit by practicing sound movement strategies. In my yoga classes, for example, we practice positions that enhance the performance of athletic endeavors as well as activities of daily living. There is a tremendous transfer of application from yoga postures to daily life. The physical aspect of yoga is not about flexibility as much as it is about mobility, and there is definitely a difference between the two. In CrossFit, we need a special focus on caring for the integrity of the shoulders and hips. We also need to take time regularly to check in with our bodies and explore any restrictions or limitations that could lead to future problems. When I teach yoga to CrossFitters, it’s always with the intent of having fun while tuning in to what the body needs at that particular time for dealing with life’s demands, whether it’s related to performance or leisure.



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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Workout: Track Workout

3 Rounds of:
800 meter Run
Rest 3 minutes
400 meter Run
Rest 3 minutes
200 meter Run
Rest 3 minutes

Total time minus rest.

(Bring your own stopwatch if you want to time your splits)


9:30 and 10:30 am CrossFit Classes will be held at

Queen Anne Bowl PlayField

 2806 3rd Ave W, 98119

queen ann park

(CrossFit Basic athletes are welcome to attend either class)

There will be NO BootCamp @ 8:30am

and NO Olympic Lifting  @ 11:30am


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Workout: Hang Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Accessory: Accumulate 2×20 Butterfly Abmat Sit-ups (slow)
Accumulate 2×20 Hip Extensions



Tuesday, August 26th, 7:10pm

Seattle Mariners Game

Please remember to pick up your Seattle Mariners Tickets

at the Front desk!


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lift: 10 minutes to work up to a heavy, but not maximal, set of 3 Deadlifts

Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
400 meter run
5 Deadlifts

Accessory: Accumulate 30 Strict Toe to Bar



L support by Mr. Rodrigo

Gymnastics Class, Tuesdays 7:30pm!

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