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Working out through sickness

Here’s the low-down, in plain language.   While your immune system is grappling with a upper respiratory tract infection (cold, flu, etc…) it is under stress to adapt as quickly as possible and bring the organism (you) back into homeostasis.  This means, part of your system is tasked with making you well again. When you …
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Run the Viaduct

For your planning pleasure, CrossFit Belltown’s WOD on Saturday February 2, 2019 will be an 8k run through the new 99 tunnel and via-duct.  Also, there will be a hosted Open Gym as well. Get registered now.  Here’s the official post: As Seattle takes a step forward, WSDOT, agency partners and sponsors invite you to …
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Member Spotlight for October 2018: Naveen Anand

Name: Naveen AnandDOB: 15 April, 1992Occupation: Software EngineerCrossFitting Since: June 2016First Memorable CrossFit Experience: I remember doing a met-`con with wallballs + burpees + something else. I finished it and went straight to the bathroom thinking that I was going to throw up. I was completely out of breath and so close to crying. It …
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Member Spotlight for September 2018: Scott McDonald

Name: Scott McDonaldDOB: 10/26/67Occupation: Real Estate DeveloperCrossFitting Since: 2007First Memorable CrossFit Experience: Showing up at intro class and could not do a single air squat correctly. Realized how unfit I really was!Favorite WOD: NancyFavorite Lift: Squat SnatchLeast Favorite WOD: Anything involving muscle ups. Favorite CrossFit Moment: Realizing despite years of running endlessly how unfit I …
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Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is the collection of agreements that bind us as a civilized social group.  CFBT Etiquette #10: Please clean your equipment after every use – your DNA is not as desirable as you might think. Please wipe down all equipment after use, especially the pull-up bar and barbells. Should you bleed on anything in …
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Good Luck to all of our Belltown Weightlifting Athletes!

Good Luck to all of our Belltown Weightlifting Athletes! The following 7 athletes will be lifting at the American Open Series 3 in Las Vegas this week!  Let’s wish them luck!  You can find the dates and times for each lifter below and you can tune into the live stream on USA Weightliftings website to …
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