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Member Spotlight: Justin Kim

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Senior Product Manager at

CrossFitting Since

 January 12, 2008 (WOD’s and videos from main page on my own for 2 years, then CrossFit Belltown)

First Memorable CrossFit Experience

I still remember my first WOD from January 12, 2008.

It was Diane and I scaled down to a mere shadow of what the workout is supposed to be.

And it still took me over 15 minutes to complete.

Favorite WOD


Favorite Lift


Least Favorite WOD

 Front Squat (any number x any number)

Favorite CrossFit Moment

 Being featured in the CrossFit Belltown Member Spotlight. Meeting Greg Glassman.

Working out at a dozen other CrossFit gyms in the US & Asia… & realizing the very best is just down the street.

Why You Do CrossFit

 It works! In addition to feeling great all around, I like being in good enough, well-balanced shape that I can tackle any physical activity that comes my way with ease, be it skiing, hiking, running, surfing, etc.

Favorite Cheat Meal

 Mint chocolate chip ice cream (though I eat it all the time so it’s more a staple than a cheat)

CrossFit Secret

 Writing down the results from every workout is shockingly effective in maintaining motivation.

What Do You Do On Rest Days

 Resting and trying not to think about how sore I am.

Beyond that, I like hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter, provided there is snow.

What Can’t You Live Without

 Corrective eyewear (glasses or contact lenses). I would be near blind without them.

Favorite Vacation Spot

 Cape Cod


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Saturday Park Workout

FullSizeRenderCrossFit Belltown vs. Mother Nature

We will be hosting only one class this Saturday February 7th

And that class will take place at Olympic Sculpture Park

at 930am sharp!

All other classes are cancelled

(The gym will be closed, as we are hosting a CrossFit Mobility Seminar)

~ Reminder ~

Should you choose to attend our 9:30am park workout, please still register for class online via MindBody.

Park entrance at the corner of Denny Street & Western Avenue

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Registering For Class

memo (memorandum) - isolated text in vintage letterpress wood type
This posting is intended to serve as a reminder to please register online for any & all CrossFit Belltown classes
You wish to attend throughout the week.
We strive to offer classes that are well organized & timely.
By disregarding this request
It leaves our trainers with no time to plan for how each class will need to be most effectively managed
Creates a host of other logistical challenges along the way.


There is a one hour registration cut-off prior to the start of each class.
Please keep this in mind when registering for classes.
Should you miss the registration window
Please email us directly at to inform us that you wish to attend a given class.
Should you encounter a class that is fully booked
Please add yourself to the class wait-list and we will make sure you get added to the class of your choice.
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2015 Goals!


Our yearly goal board has been reset and is awaiting your lofty, achievable and quantified goals for the year!

We are excited to help you achieve and exceed each goal you set for yourselves, so without further adieu, please neatly and legibly write your foreseeable accomplishments for the fittest year yet.


(Please see a Trainer if you need help setting your goals)

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Thank You!


Huge thank you to everyone who came to support

and cheer for those competing this weekend.

Our sincere appreciation to Coach Lincoln for

the amazing job he does as a Coach, friend, and photographer.


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Happy New Year!!


Wishing everyone an exciting and fun New Year!!

A friendly reminder of our schedule changes this week

Wednesday, December 31st10:30-11:30am CrossFit Class and Open Gym (Basics and BootCamp Members are welcome to attend)

Thursday, January 1stClosed

Saturday, January 3rdNo Olympic Lifting due to the Weightlifting Competition. Come support our lifters!

Weightlifting Competition is at Imperial CrossFit 10:00am-8pm.

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Olympic Lifting Competition

Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Competition

January 3, 2015 in Kent, WA.

Imperial CrossFit

Come support all our lifters and represent CrossFit Belltown

by wearing your favorite CFBT gear!

Session 1:

10-:00am- Kellen Axten, Koushik Dutta, Rodrigo Lode

Session 2:

12:30pm-Amanda Nguyen, Nadia Shatila, Kimberly Ruf

Session 3:

3:00pm-Mike Foody, Derek Fons

Session 4:

4:30pm-Kendra Haderlie

Session 5 :

6:30pm-Duncan Harrison

kellenKellen Axten

Photo credit: Lincoln Brigham

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Holiday Schedule Changes

Happy Holidays!

Our holiday class schedule changes are as follows:

Wednesday, December 24thClosed

Thursday, December 25thClosed

Friday, December 26th12-1pm CrossFit and Open Gym. (Basics and BootCamp Members are welcome to attend)

Wednesday, December 31st10:30-11:30am CrossFit Class and Open Gym (Basics and BootCamp Members are welcome to attend)

Thursday, January 1stClosed

Saturday, January 3rdNo Olympic Lifting


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Member Spotlight: Amanda Nguyen


Name: Amanda Nguyen

DOB: June 5th

Occupation: Digital Marketing / Social Strategist at Edelman Public Relations

CrossFitting Since: December 2013

First Memorable CrossFit Experience: My first day at Crossfit Belltown. Like most people, trying new things isn’t easy and it’s absolutely terrifying. I remember going into my first Basics class at CFBT and being completely mortified that I was going to (a) embarrass myself and (b) get hurt. Neither of those things happened, and I had never felt more welcome in my life. I clearly remember the Basics WOD that day which included Kettlebell/Dumbbell swings and box jumps. I was the last one finishing up my box jumps, and it didn’t matter that no one knew me yet or that I was the “new girl”. They were all cheering me on to finish the workout strong. It was an awkward moment at first, but as I finished my last jump, I realized what kept me going was the support and camaraderie of that group and my coach. The community here at CFBT is truly amazing, and I’m so grateful for the encouragement, great coaching and supportive folks I’ve met through this box. They always challenge me to do more and push you to be stronger and better. Since I’ve started Crossfit at CFBT, I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible like handstand push-ups, run my fastest mile (EVER!) and squat more than my bodyweight. And I couldn’t have done it without the CFBT family!

Favorite WOD: Anything with burpees!

Favorite Lift: Clean + Jerk

Least Favorite WOD: Karen…. wall balls to the face. every. single. time.

Favorite CrossFit Moment: The moment I squatted my body weight. I never thought it would be possible, nor did I think I was very strong either. I was so shocked, and when I put the bar back on the rack, I squealed and twirled around with excitement like a kid pretending to be a ballerina. It’s one of my Crossfit milestones!

Why You Do CrossFit: I’ve tried barre, pilates, dance aerobics, and the like. Yes, they were fun workouts with cute outfits, but none have given me what Crossfit has. I choose Crossfit because: (1) There are measurable goals. You have benchmarks and numbers to work towards, rather than the simple “I want to lose weight” reason for working out. (2) It’s amazing what the body can do and how strong it can become. (3) It’s a no fuss, no judgment, give it all you got space.

Favorite Cheat Meal: A cheeseburger with bacon, real French fries (not sweet potato fries) AND Molly Moon’s ice cream. Oh, and if we can throw in fried chicken somewhere there, I’ll gladly take that, too.

CrossFit Secret: Sometimes before a heavy lift or WOD, I do a little dance right to shake off any jitters.

What Do You Do On Rest Days: Mani/pedi + cheat meals + walks either through Discovery Park or Green Lake.

What Can’t You Live Without: My family, main squeeze and friends

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere quiet, away from a big city and near the water. A place to unplug from everything.


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Decorate our Christmas Tree


Help us decorate our Christmas Tree!

We have ornaments that need decorating!

Add your personal touch, then hang it for other to see.

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