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Workout: Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Accessory: Barbell (back-rack) Reverse Lunges, 3×12 reps per leg


Two Peas In A WOD

Congratulation to Max and Madison on their beautiful new marriage.

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Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
15 Dumbell Hang Cleans (35, 20)
15 Push-ups
30 Double Unders


Put Failures Behind You
As important as it is to celebrate personal records, you must also strive to put poor performances behind you. Every athlete has days where things just don’t move in the right direction -The bar feels too heavy, your engine isn’t there, motivation is completely lacking- and that’s to be expected.
The key to a lasting relationship with this sport is to understand why this happens and accept it as a byproduct of your training. To put these failures behind you, mentally recap the session and ask yourself, “Why?” Maybe your poor performance was a question of fatigue (and therefore time for a rest day or two), or something more specific (such as a lack of a decent warm-up, proper mobility work, poor weight selection, etc.). Understand, assess, accept and move on.
Both the 630pm Bootcamp -AND- CrossFit classes will be combined into one mega-class, meaning both classes will be doing the workout listed above.
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memo (memorandum) - isolated text in vintage letterpress wood type

Saturday Revised Schedule

CrossFit Belltown will be closed today (Saturday) in observance of a CrossFit L2 Seminar. We will not be having a track workout this morning, nor will be meeting at Olympic Sculpture Park. However instead, WE WILL be hosting ‘Open Gym’ hours from 530pm to 730pm for anyone wishing to train on their own. All members are invited to attend (including CrossFit Basic athletes).

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Workout: 5 Rounds For Time Of:

1 min Double Unders

(1 min rest)

1 min Wall Balls (20#, 14#)

(1 min rest)

1 min Burpees

(1 min rest)


Triple Extension – What Is It? Why Is It Important?

Triple extension is when your body reaches full extension- Your hip, knee and ankle joints are all open. The goal of triple extension is to finish as vertical as possible, in both the snatch and (shown here) the clean. you need to be finishing your lift fully-extended, because this will send the bar perfectly vertical when performing either lift.

A common misconception of triple extension is needing to pull your shoulders too far backward. When you do this, you cause your hips to fly forward, driving the bar out in front of you, potentially ending in an unsuccessful lift. You should instead finish with your shoulders and momentum going straight up (and remember to fully extend your hip, knee and ankle joints) with fully extended arms.


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Workout: Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Accessory: Accumulate 100 banded pull-throughs


image1 (3)

Get Fed! Get Fit!

NorthWest FitMeals are flying off the shelf. Meals are delivered fresh every Monday, and normally sell out by Thursday afternoon. Get em while they last!


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Workout: Complete as many rounds in 15min of:

10 KettleBell Swing (72#, 52#)

10 Box Jump (24″, 20″)

10 Ring Dip

Accessory: Accumulate 50 Hollow-rocks


Dream Bigger! Reach Higher!

Why? ‘Cause there’s always going to be another mountain.

“Think of one of those CrossFit workouts where you get into that weird ‘blackout’ meditative headspace…”, says Tim Dennis, referring to the immense psychological toll a recent ascent of Mount Rainier had on him moreover the overwhelming physical demands that came with lugging a 40lb-pack through snow and ice in subfreezing temperatures for hours on end, while being pummeled by 35mph headwinds as he inched his way up the mountain.

Congratulations, Tim. You did it! Now on to the next mountain. 

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Workout: “Fran”

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Thrusters (95, 65)



Hey ‘Topher, Wanna Hear A Joke?

Brian: “Knock Knock.”

Topher: “Who’s there?”

Brian: “Orange.”

Topher: “Orange who?”

Brian: “Orange you glad we’re doing Fran today?”

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Workout: Hang Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 rep(s)

Accessory: Seated Box Jumps 10×2


Gettin’ Down

We’ve had more PR’s this month than we can even begin to count… and it’s only the second week in September. Here’s Tom laying an egg. Happy Monday, everyone!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Workout: “Helen”

3 rounds for time of:

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings (55, 35)

12 Pull-Ups


Wanna Lose Weight? Get More Sleep!

Everyone wants to know what to eat, when to eat it, and what to do in order to achieve their fitness goals. But let’s be honest, the vast majority of us are interested in one thing and one thing only — losing weight… and looking good. Okay, maybe two things.

So how can we dream the weight away? It’s easy… we just need a better night’s rest.

When you don’t sleep, your energy levels are low. And when you are low on energy, your body begins looking for glucose (i.e., sugar) for energy to help you through the day. In order to find more glucose, you must eat more glucose, or your body will generate it on it’s own from certain non-carbohydrate sources within the body… usually your own lean muscle mass or existing fat stores, in search of glucose to produce energy. And due to the stress of this process (i.e., the body in effect having to feed itself), the body produces a hormone called cortisol that directly contributes to excess belly fat. So make sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep at night or try to squeeze in a nap whenever and wherever possible. This will hep mitigate sugar-cravings to help keep your cortisol levelzzzzzz at bay.

Here’s a great article on how to create your own Bedroom Oasis.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Workout: Front Squat: 2-2-2-2-2 w/ 5-second pause at the bottom of the rep

Accessory: 4×12 Single Leg Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift


Grand Slam!

Thank you to everyone that attended our annual Mariners outing this past Wednesday evening. Many garlic fries were eaten.

Note: Today’s noon class will be designated as ‘Open Gym’; there will be no coach available to lead the workout, however Meghan will be on hand to ensure the day’s programming is followed as needed.

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