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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Workout: For time:

20 Front Squats (205, 135)
40 Toes-to-Bar
60 Kettlebell Swings (72, 55)

Accessory: 3×10 Reverse Hyper


Get Outside

It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like Spring here in Seattle, which means slightly longer days, a little more sunshine, and that deep-seated sense of PNW guilt if we waste even a single second of it. So rather than spending what might be the only beautiful day we have all week inside meal-prepping, get out there and don’t worry about it because NW FitMeals are made from scratch with high-quality all-paleo ingredients and delivered fresh every week, so all you have to do is throw one in the microwave for 2 minutes and you have a healthy, homemade, appropriately-portioned meal.

Our menu this week includes:

Paleo Chicken Salad $10.99
Paleo Korean Bulgogi $11.99
Paleo SouthWest Chicken Meatballs $11.99
Paleo Pork Carnitas $11.99
Paleo Thai Coconut Chicken Curry $11.99
Paleo Turkey Chorizo Burger $11.99

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Workout: Push Press: 3-3-3-3-3

Accessory: 3×20 Incline Reverse Flys, 3×20 Incline Windmills

image1 (4)

Two Men, One Race
One Woman, Two Race(s)

Yep, that’s right, our resident Spartans did it again — Ben S. and ‘Topher T. spent this past Saturday morning getting their Spartan Challenge on, followed by a gluttonous trip to Dairy Queen to refuel on ice cream blizzards and a mountain of belt-buster burgers.

And in classic Spartan fashion, Sarah M. tackled yet another weekend of back-to-back obstacle courses, both Saturday AND Sunday. Sarah alone has tackled more Spartan races than any of our other CrossFit Belltown athletes, COMBINED!!! Sarah is most assuredly in a league of her own.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Workout: “RJ”

In teams of two, five rounds for time of:

800m Run
15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
50 Push-Ups



Veteran LAPD officer and United States Marine Corps Reservist Sergeant Major Robert J Cottle, 45, was killed by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. RJ joined the Marine Corps at age 18, and the LAPD in 1990. His various LAPD assignments included Hollywood Vice, Southeast Area, LAPD Dive Team and, most recently, SWAT. He is survived by his wife Emily and 9 month old daughter Kaila. The LAPD has established a trust fund for them.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Workout: Back Squat: 5-5-5-5-5

Accessory: 4×25 Banded Hamstring Curls


Which Grip Is Best (AND SAFEST) For Pull-Ups

There are two predominant grips for performing pull ups… the thumb-around-the-bar full grip …and… the thumbless false grip.

Both can offer benefits so use the one that is most comfortable for you and best suits your needs. So, how might they help you?

Full Grip:

~Grip is stronger with the thumb wrapped, which can lead to more total muscle activation. So use this if strength is your main limitation (most beginners or those doing weighted variations).

~Stronger grip leads to more rotator cuff activation, so the full grip may offer some benefits to shoulder stability, which is HUGELY important to the health of your shoulder joints.

~Having the thumb wrapped is more secure.

False Grip:

~Use this grip if you are limited more by endurance than strength. The forearms tend to not burn out as quickly with the false grip.

~Many lifters say that they feel the lats better with this grip. So it may help improve your mind-muscle connection regarding the lats.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Workout: “Randy”

For Time:

75 Power Snatches (75, 55)

Time Cap: 7 Minutes

Accessory: 3×10 Back Extensions


How To Deal With Wrist Pain In The Front Rack

If you’re dealing with wrist pain in the front rack position, your wrists are most likely NOT the issue. If you can do push-ups pain-free, chances are you have adequate mobility in the wrists to achieve a good rack position.

The real issue lies in how you are holding the bar. Is the bar resting on your shoulders? Or is the bar resting on the weaker structures of the wrists and forearms?

For some athletes, it’s an awareness issue. A simple “elbows up” cue will suffice. Some athletes legitimately have mobility issues, but the issues are more likely due to tight triceps, shoulders, lats, and/or pecs.

Shown above, Jeff C. is demonstrating a ‘high elbow’ — allowing the barbell to rest on his shoulders vs. being held up by the wrists and forearms.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Workout: 10 Rounds:

Row 250m

Rest as needed. Record best and worst split time.


Being Your Own Pillar Of Success — Addressing The ‘WHY’ In What We Do

Your “WHY” should be intrinsically based. The definition of intrinsic is:  a motivation that comes from the pleasure one gets from a task itself or from a sense of satisfaction in completing or just working on a task, whether that be a hundred burpees for time -or- working on inventing a longer lasting light bulb — each has it’s own intrinsic value that is mostly determined by how we choose to challenge ourselves.

An intrinsically motivated person will work on a math equation, for example, because it is enjoyable. An intrinsically motivated person will work on a solution to a problem because the challenge of finding a solution provides a sense of pleasure. In neither case does the person work on the task because there is some reward involved, such as a prize, a payment, or in the case of athletes, a title, fame, or monetary gain.

When addressing your ‘WHY’, be sure to delve deeper than the surface to assess whether any of your motivation stems from a desire for approval, acceptance, validation, recognition, or a feeling of safety or support. Whatever sense of security or reassurance you may be looking for, look for ways in which you can satisfy those through your own means.

Seeking reassurance, validation or approval from others is a common recipe for disappointment if you are unable to develop those feelings from within.

CrossFit Invictus sums it up beautifully here.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Workout: 21-15-9 reps for time of:

Overhead Squat (135, 95)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

Accessory: Accumulate 2-minute L-Sit


Spring Cleaning

Now that Easter is over and we’ve all probably eaten more than our fair share of Cadbury Eggs, marshmallow Peeps, and chocolate bunnies, it’s time to come down from our sugar high, clean house (and by “house” we mean “diet”) and put some good food back on our plates and back in our bodies. NW FitMeals are made from scratch and delivered fresh every week, and are accurately blocked out with appropriate portions of healthy protein, fat, and carbohydrates, so you don’t have to be worried about what you’re eating, or how much.

Our menu this week includes:

Paleo Chicken Salad $10.99
Paleo Hawaiian Pulled Pork $11.99
Paleo Italian Meatballs & Marinara $11.99
Paleo Buffalo Pulled Chicken $11.99
Paleo Steak and Spinach Salad $11.99

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Workout: Shoulder Press: 5-5-5-5-5

Accessory: 100 Barbell JM Presses

image1 (3)

One Team — One Dream

Congratulations to all our CrossFit Belltown athletes that competed this weekend, led by Coach Lincoln. And a very honorable mention to Maca A. ~ she went six-for-six lifts at her very first weightlifting competition, PR’ing in BOTH lifts! Literally, a perfect performance.

Photo credit: Lincoln Brigham

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Workout: 5 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 Deadlifts (185, 135)

Accessory: Accumulate 30 Strict Toes-to-Bar


Get A Grip — The Mixed vs. Double-Overhand Grip

“Which grip should I use?” is a question we get asked a lot on Deadlift days. To answer this question, we need to first understand why it’s important to train both the mixed- and double-overhand grips.

The Mixed-Grip

With this setup, one hand is placed overhand (pronated) while the other is underhand (supinated). This setup keeps the barbell from rolling out of the lifters hands and is often used at maximal weights, such as going for a PR. Additionally, lifters may or may not choose to hook-grip in this setup.

The Pros for the Mixed-Grip

First, there comes a point where our grip cannot support the weight on the bar. Utilizing this grip style will ensure that you can keep moving the bar with less fatigue on the forearms, resulting in more reps and/or a heavier weight lifted. Second, this grip is beneficial during most CrossFit workouts where high reps and fatigue are common. Less attention can be focused on the grip and more  thought can be put into the technique of the exercise.

The Cons for the Mixed-Grip

First, there are many resources that state that mixed-grip deadlifts do not increase grip strength. This may be true, however, we don’t always perform deadlifts for improving grip strength. Our grip gets taxed in many other ways – i.e. power cleans, pull-ups, rowing, snatches, etc. So this con may only partially apply to what we do in CrossFit.

Second, the mixed-grip does not transfer over to the Olympic lifts. These lifts are done double overhand. This could mean the weight on the bar during the clean may feel much heavier than you think it is, resulting in missed attempts. And lastly, those of us who suffer from chronic back pain or injury to our backside may want to avoid this grip. The hand setup will place your hips, back, and even the biceps in an asymmetrical alignment. Sticking to the double overhand-grip is recommended to help protect the back in these cases.

The Double-Overhand

This grip is common in everything we do in the gym – and probably even outside the gym. Both hands are set up pronated over the bar; lifters may or may not hook-grip in this setup.

The Pros for the Double Overhand

First, grip strength will be the limiting factor while using this grip, which is great because failed reps resulting from grip fatigue rather than mechanical breakdown tends to be a much safer way to lift. Second, the more you test this grip, the better off your grip strength becomes.  Grip strength will only benefit from this setup, especially when the reps schemes are manageable. Finally, with this setup, your hips, back, and biceps are in a good place, symmetrically speaking. This should offer you some protection if you’re suffering from back discomfort.

The Cons for the Double Overhand

Our hands can only hold so much before the bar slips out. Furthermore, this grip offers no security to hanging onto sub-maximal loads. Unlike the mixed grip, your transition to other movements in a workout, such as rowing, pull-ups, toes-to-bar, etc. will be more difficult due to extra fatigue placed on the forearms.

So as you can see, there are benefits to using both type of grips. In CrossFit, we are constantly varying our training stimulus. To answer the question of what grip should be used is simple……USE BOTH! The next time deadlifts come up in the programing, we encourage you to warm up with a double-overhand grip and maintain it well into the workout. Once the weights get heavier and your grip starts to fatigue, switch to a mix-grip. Doing this will guarantee your grip was tested -AND- keeps you symmetrically loaded for as long as possible. So get a grip… and go!

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Friday, April 14, 2017


9-7-5 reps for time of:
Squat Snatches (135, 95)

Time Cap: 12 Minutes


No Mountain Is Too Tall For Paul

Congratulations to Paul B. for summiting the tallest peak in Taiwan!

From Paul: “OK, so I wore the CFBT shirt up 3,952m of mountain to the tallest peak in Taiwan and the general vicinity.  The benefits of the last six months of training really showed up. I climbed the same rock last year, and I must say that at the top this year I was easily ready for a lot more.  Much thanks to you and everyone at CFBT for that!  The summit was actually just above freezing, raining like hell and windy — so didn’t take my coat off for the photo.  We basically grabbed a few snaps then got the f*ck off the top of the rock as fast as we could. I did, however, grab this one at the trailhead coming back down. Next goal: Ascend Mt. Rainier via the Emmons Glacier in June.”

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