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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Track WOD

CrossFit Belltown will be hosting class outside today at Queen Anne Bowl Play-field. Class will take place at 9:30am. All other Saturday classes are being cancelled; no class will be held at the gym today in observance of a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar.

Queen Anne Bowl Play-field is located at 2806 3rd Ave West.

All athletes (including CrossFit Basics) are welcome to attend.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:

10 Push Jerk (135, 95)

5 Bar Muscle-Up

Accessory: 4×25 Banded Face Pulls


What Is Your Why?

Everyone works out for their own reasons. Everyone has their own “why”. For us, moving our bodies and nourishing our souls through movement are but just a few of our top values. There is no monotonous running or spinning, no staring in the mirror at our biceps, and definitely no feeling of being alone at the gym. While each of these things are not in and of themselves bad, they are just not as stimulating to us. 

If you don’t have a why, we challenge you to search your spirit for one. This is the reason that you keep coming back for more. It is the reason you can push your body through the pain you feel during tough workouts (5 x 1000m row, anyone!) and it’s the reason you won’t give up when trying to learn a new skill. 

The confidence you get after fulfilling a goal translates into everyday life. Being strong is not just for the guys anymore. CrossFit has made being strong, beautiful! 

Knowing today, you will do what others won’t… so tomorrow you can do what others can’t… is extraordinarily empowering.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Workout: Front Squat: 1-1-1-1-1 w/ 3-second pause at the bottom

Accessory:  100 Banded Hamstring Curls

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.17.36 PM

Fitness, Luck and Health

Medicine has no effective treatment for chronic disease: It is symptomatic only. The doctor gives you a drug to bring your cholesterol down, a different drug to raise your bone density. You might need bariatric surgery if you have morbid obesity. If you have paved-over coronary arteries, they can do bypass surgery. If you become glucose intolerant, the doctor can put you on insulin. But all of these are not fixes. They are masking the problem. If you have persistent malignant hypertension, you should take an antihypertensive if you cannot get your blood pressure down otherwise. But how would you get it down otherwise?

CrossFit Inc. holds a uniquely elegant solution to the greatest problem facing the world today. It is not global warming or climate change. It is not the worst two choices imaginable for president. It is chronic disease. The CrossFit stimulus — which is constantly varied high-intensity functional movement coupled with meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar — can give you a pass on chronic disease. It is elegant in the mathematical sense of being marked by simplicity and efficacy. It is so simple.

Read the article in its entirety here.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Workout: 5 Rounds of:

Row 1000m

Rest 5 Minutes

Add times for all 5 rowing efforts — score is total time.


Adductor What?

How many times do you hear the cue “knees out…!”, only to see your knees dive in day after day. How many banded squats do you need to do without improvement before you decide that you’re working on the wrong problem?

Sometimes, albeit rarely, you do just need to work on pressing your knees out harder, but much more often the problem is somewhere else altogether. That’s why wrapping a band around your knees or thighs when you squat doesn’t solve this problem for 99% of the people who do it. 

Your body goes to the most advantageous position to produce force automatically and without asking your permission. Maybe instead of asking it to change position, you should be asking yourself why it prefers a position you don’t like first. Muscles have a mechanical advantage when they are in a shorter, contracted state. So take a little self-quiz here… What muscles might the body be trying to give an advantage to by diving the knees in? Here’s a hint – -They bring your knees closer together, and if your knees cave in, they might be weak on you (Answer: your adductors).

If your knees cave in, please see a coach for ways in which we can help you to strengthen your (inner thigh) adductors.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Workout: Four rounds for time of:

25 Overhead Walking Lunges (45#, 25# plate)

15 Knee-to-Elbow

Accessory: Accumulate 30 Strict Ring Dips


You Know You Want It

You’ve probably heard us talk about it… NW FitMeals’ Paleo Chicken Salad.

Come pick up a container and you’ll understand why.

This week’s NW FitMeals menu also includes:

Buffalo Turkey MeatBalls w/ Paleo Ranch $11.99
Coconut Lime Chicken Curry $11.99

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Workout: Three rounds for time of:

400m Run

50 Double-Unders

15 Burpees

image1 (3)

Famous Last Words: “I Can Do This On My Own.”

Uttered daily, and an absolute killer in one’s mental approach to life. It shows stubbornness and arrogance, and a fear of vulnerability.

It doesn’t matter how mentally or physically strong someone is, we all need the right support system if we are going to see our potential ultimately attained. Without a good support system it is hard to truly reach that potential.

It can be scary relying on others to help you achieve your dreams. But if you take a chance and allow people who have your best interests at heart to help, you will reap the benefits.

Just take a look at any successful professional athlete. Whether they came from privilege or struggle, along the way they have surrounded themselves with the right people to help maximize their potential.

Ok, so you have no aspirations of being a professional athlete, that’s completely fine. We are, however, going to make the assumption that you do want to excel at whatever path you choose to follow. We truly believe that in order to do so, it is imperative that you surround yourself with likeminded individuals.


Monday-Wednesday morning classes (this week only) will be not be led by a coach. That said, all morning classes will be considered ‘Open Gym’. Meghan M. will be on-hand to draw out the daily workout and record scores for anyone wanting to perform the day’s programming.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Workout: “Running Karen”

400m Run

50 Wall Ball Shots (20,14)

400m Run

50 Wall Ball Shots

400m Run

50 Wall Ball Shots


Indoctrination, Complete!

One of the most basic concepts of CrossFit is the idea of mechanics, consistency, intensity. Simply put, learning the correct movements, practicing them regularly and then pushing power output. The step-by-step process of learning a movement and practicing it ‘enough’ to move large loads, long distances quickly is the art underlying the fantastic results people get from this style of training.

We tend to be pretty big on definition.  One of the operative words in the last paragraph is “enough.” We tend to think that getting to do workouts ‘as prescribed’ is the ultimate goal. A different way of thinking about it is to be strong enough to use prescribed weight and the mechanics to do it well. The real art in the training is getting people to move well enough and fast enough. How is that done? What is enough?

Each affiliate has a different method of bringing new people onboard. Some do three sessions to get people ready; others use one-month programs; others still have special classes after people join; other gyms simply throw people into classes. It really comes down to how much is enough for the individual. Getting to know someone takes time. Understanding strengths and weakness, evaluating what needs to be emphasized and taking the appropriate steps help that person overcome their performance shortcomings.

That’s where our Indoctrination process begins — CrossFit Basics. First and foremost — CrossFit Basics is an opportunity to ease people into learning movement and scaling intensity.  Each class is set up to help our novice athletes better understand what we do, why we do it, and let them experience a small dose of it.  In our heart of hearts, we know that we can help anyone to get fitter — just not everyone is willing to invest the effort into getting the results they said they wanted.  Some people will not make the commitment to training to the level we provide — it is a way of identifying people who will or will not fit into our culture… where ‘easy’ will no longer suffice.

The athletes who have gone through this process move better and have a deeper understanding of what they are doing and why. 

Congratulations to Mark, Kevin and Gonzalo — You are now fully indoctrinated! Welcome to regular group classes!


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Friday, August 11, 2016

Workout: Three rounds for time of:

400m Run

20 GHD Sit-Ups

15-foot Rope Climb, 2 Ascents


Want Better. Not More. 

Are you addicted to exertion? The effort… The ‘struggle’? The feeling you get from pushing yourself every time you work out?

Or are you addicted to the progress you are making? The end result of all your hard work…

Think about it.


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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Workout: Three rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts (275, 195)

50 Double-Unders

Accessory: 3×15 Barbell Hip Bridges


Summer Sale

20% Off

We’re making room for new apparel inventory, arriving soon.  In the meantime, we’re discounting our ‘one-off’ designs, as pictured above.

Get ’em while you can… because once these prints are gone, they’re gone for good!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Workout: Back Squat: 3-3-3-3-3

Accessory: 3×12 Back Rack Barbell Step-Ups


Mastering Toes-to-Bar

It seems like such a straightforward movement, however most look to a lack of midline strength as the primary cause. And although that may very well be the case, we venture to guess there are at least three other areas to look before determining that a weak midline is your (only) issue.

Weak shoulders and/or lats are common culprits when it comes to strength deficiency for completing toes-to-bar. That first bit of shoulder activation when we hang from the bar is called a scapular pull-up. Additionally, the backswing and the toe-distance lessening are mostly controlled by strong lat muscles which allow you to push down on the bar to create a bigger, stronger kip. In order to further strengthen these areas, you should work more pulling exercises and static holds into your accessory work. Ideas for pulling: ring rows, DB rows, bent-over barbell rows, CrossOver Symmetry and hand-over-hand sled pulls. Ideas for static holds: straight-arm hangs with scapular retraction and chin-over-bar holds.

Lack of thoracic mobility is where many people’s problems lie with life in general. Here’s a test that is also a treatment, meaning if you can’t pass this (wall slide) test, keep doing it until you can. The front swing in the kip requires a great deal of thoracic mobility to be able to push your head and chest through on the front end of the kip swing. So if you struggle with this portion of the toes-to-bar (or pull-ups in general), then look here first.

Tight hamstrings are the final place to look. If you struggle with standing high-kicks on the ground or you can’t touch your toes, lack of hamstring flexibility is likely your demise. More hamstring mashing, flossing, inch-worming, high-kicking, or Monday night Yoga is the ticket for you.

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