Workout: 5 rounds for max reps of:

1 minute of sumo deadlift high-pulls (75, 55)

1 minute of push presses (75, 55)

1 minute of rowing

Rest 1 minute

Accessory: Bike or row for 5 minutes at 60% effort

Even though we’re only three days into 2018 and most of us have only barely gotten our resolutions together, the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open is already just around the corner. While most of us probably aren’t ready to start thinking about it just yet, we (your coaches) would highly recommend that you do. And we don’t just mean wildly speculating what Castro is going come up with and what movements we may or may not see this year (muscle-ups, handstand walks, etc.). We mean considering each day, during your workout, whether or not you are completing full and proper range of motion on all movements. In class, we make a point of explaining and enforcing what full and proper range of motion needs to look like, because not only is it important for your fitness (and helping you remain injury-free), but also because we don’t want you wasting your precious time and energy during an Open workout getting “no rep”s. As an athlete, there is nothing more frustrating mid-workout than constantly being forced to repeat reps.
The Open is a great opportunity to test what strides we’ve made in our fitness over the last year, but really, if we’ve made such a habit of cheating the range of motion on our movements that we’re being consistently “no-repped” during workouts, how much fitter have we actually become? Are our faster finish times or higher scores really indicative of having become a more well-rounded athlete? Our advice? With only 7 weeks until the announcement of 18.1, put in the proper effort. Leave no doubt during your workouts that you’ve executed full and proper range of motion on every single rep. We all know what true range of motion feels like. And if you’re unsure, ask your coaches. We’ll be happy to tell you.


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