• Unlimited CrossFit Classes, Bootcamp, Open Gym* and Gymnastics.
  • This membership is for those focused primarily on CrossFit. You may attend any class, with exception of Weightlifting Club.
  • Cost is $9.00 per class, based on an average of six visits per week.


  • This Membership grants you access to CrossFit Basics and Bootcamp Classes only.  
  • You may stay at this membership-level as long as you wish, or request to ‘test-out’  when you are ready to attend regular CrossFit classes.
  • If you are a CrossFitter transferring from another gym and wish to join our regular group CrossFit classes, you have the option of foregoing our Basic Membership and moving directly into our regular group classes, however you must first schedule (and pass) a Movement Skills-test with one of our trainers.
  • Cost is $10.30 per class, based on an average of four visits per week.

Weightlifting Club

  • Includes access to Weightlifting Classes, Open Gym, Competition Day Coaching (at designated meets) and General Weightlifting Programming.
  • This membership is for those who want to primarily specialize in Olympic Weightlifting.
  • The Weightlifting Club meets Monday 430p-630p, Thursday 730p-830p and Saturday  1130a-1230p (occasionally Saturday classes will take place between 600p-800p, however athletes will be notified in advance of said schedule revision).
  • Athletes with this membership-type will also be given general programming to follow during Open-Gym hours (additional fees may apply).
  • Cost is $14.50 per class (for specialized  coaching -AND- programming), based on an average of three classes per week


  • Whether you follow your own programming or someone else’s, this membership is perfect for the athlete that just needs a space to train.
  • Open Gym-hours are as follows: Mon-Wed 600am-800am, Thurs-Fri 600am-700am, Mon-Fri 1200pm-100pm and 430pm-730pm, Tues & Thurs 730p-830p.
  • Cost is $7.50 per class, based on an average of five visits per week.
  • Open-Gym athletes will need to work around any regular scheduled classes.  
  • Open-Gym members may pay the drop-in rate to attend any of the CrossFit, Weightlifting, or Bootcamp Classes offered at CFBT. Additionally, athletes wishing to take part in Open-Gym and Weightlifting Club (this includes athletes transferring from other gyms) will first need to pass an in-house written and Movement Skills exam prior to being granted safe access to our facilities during business hours, unsupervised.


Individualized Programming offers the best results for intermediate, as well as advanced or competitive CrossFitters. We prefer this to relying exclusively on Private Coaching, which can be cost-prohibitive for many athletes. Individualized Coaching begins with a comprehensive consultation and physical assessment -We test your current abilities and discuss your history, expectations, and goals. We then put together a custom training program specifically tailored just for you. With your programming in hand, you will be granted access to our open-gym hours to complete your workouts at your own pace. You will track your results via a specialized software app that allows us the opportunity to assess your progress and adjust your programming where necessary. You will be assigned a coach –either E. Zientek or N. Shatila (see coaching bios under our ‘Coaches’ tab) to provide you with ongoing video assessment of your movement(s).

Skills-Based Programming

  • Access to a specialized software app that will allow you to more easily manage your programming and track your progress.
  • Ongoing video analysis and feedback.
  • A total of 3-5 days of combined Technique, Skill-transfer and/or Accessory-related drills/progressions each week, depending on how many days a week you intend to train.

Complete Program Design

  • Access to a specialized software app that will allow you to more easily manage your programming and track your progress.
  • Ongoing video analysis and feedback.
  • A total of 4-6 combined Strength and/or Conditioning-related workouts each week, depending on how many days a week you intend to train.

Remote Coaching

  • Remote Coaching is also available for athletes who are unable to train at CrossFit Belltown, or for whatever reason unable to get to our gym.
  • You will receive the same custom program design as in our Individual-based coaching option (or $150 / month without video analysis).


Nutritional Coaching

  • You’ll be given strategies that change as your body changes; as you get leaner or gain muscle (whatever your goals may be), you’ll have a different body, and therefore different requirements.
  • You’ll also receive strategies to counter life’s obstacles, so that no matter what challenges you face, such as demanding job or a busy travel schedule -you’re prepared to succeed inside and outside the kitchen.
  • Nutritional coaching requires a three-month commitment.  

Drop-in Guest Pass


Punch Card

  • Affords you five visits for the price of four visits (standard ‘Drop In’ rate is $25 per class).
  • Punch card expires sixty days from purchase-date. No other exceptions.  
  • Military / Law Enforcement  / Fire /Student : 10% Discount on any membership-level of choice.
  • Couples Rate: 10% discount on secondary membership for qualifying Gold and Silver Membership-levels only.

*The above-listed Military -AND- Couples discount(s) cannot be combined.
*Rates listed do not include Sales Tax


Whether you are attending one of our group workouts or working one-on-one with one of our coaches, you can be sure that you are receiving programming that is carefully constructed and coaching that is safe, effective, and individualized.


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