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Step 2: CrossFit Basics

Mandatory for all newcomers.

CrossFit Basics allows anyone interested in CrossFit to attend CrossFit classes that are scaled down and the focus is on teaching the 9 foundational movements.  Workouts are  basic with no complex movements. CrossFit Basics grants you access to BootCamp classes as well. You may stay at this membership-level as long as you like or request to ‘test out’ when you are ready (no minimum sessions required). Once an athlete has tested out of CrossFit Basics they may start attending regular CrossFit classes. Should you successfully test out of CrossFit Basics in your first month of membership, you will continue to attend CrossFit classes at this reduced membership rate for the remainder of your  initial month. Current CFBT Members can attend Basics class at any time if they want a refresher on movements.

*If for whatever reason our CrossFit Basics program does not fit into your schedule, we offer an alternative:

Private Training: In the event that you are unable to partake in CrossFit Basics; private or semi-private training sessions with a coach can be scheduled. 3 Sessions will be required, cost is $75 per session. Contact us by emailing info@crossfitbelltown to schedule.

Congratulations! You are about to take the first step in dramatically improving the quality of your life!

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