Workout:  Perform 10 Rounds with As Many Reps As Possible:

:30 Toes-To-Bar

:30 Rest

:30 Ring Dips

:30 Rest

:30 Body-Weight Deadlifts

:30 Rest

:30 Handstand Push-Ups

:30 Rest


Please help us help you.  When you come into the gym and workout while you’re sick you are never able to go to your true intensity.  Intensity is the name of the game.  To say nothing of the fact that we try to mitigate the sharing of germs and bodily fluids within the gym.  So, the next time you think about  working out through your cold or flu, think twice and give yourself and your body the break it deserves.  You’ll be able to come back stronger and achieve the intensity which garners results.


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