Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

Row 500m

15 Deadlifts (275,185)

20 Wall Ball Shots (20,14)

50 Abmat Sit-Ups (feet anchored)


Lately we’ve been finding a lot of misplaced equipment around the gym — women’s barbells put away with men’s barbells, men’s barbells put away with women’s barbells, bumper plates with no center ring put away on the wall, rowers stacked on top of each other, or equipment simply left out and forgotten.

We want CFBT to feel like your second home, so we ask that you please treat it with the same respect you would your own home and tidy up after yourself post-workout. Our primary role is to help you to be a better version of yourself, athletically speaking. It‘s very difficult for us to do so when we are spending most of our time cleaning up after you moreover setting aside the necessary time to make you more well-rounded and harder to kill. That said, if you are ever in doubt regarding a piece of equipment’s proper home, please ask a coach or fellow athlete rather than simply leaving it out for someone to trip on and/or guessing where it goes and potentially creating extra work for someone else later. 90% of the time, just putting your equipment back where you found it is a pretty safe bet (after you‘ve wiped it clean…).


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