Workout: Every minute on the minute for sixteen minutes:

1 Squat Snatch

CrossFit casts a pretty wide net. In this huge and all-encompassing sport, we all have things at which we excel and consequently enjoy, just as surely as we all have a list of movements we’d be happy to never see in a WOD ever again. So it only makes sense that, given the choice, most of us would happily choose to spend our time working on and perfecting the movements we like and are good at, because it makes us feel better. No one likes to struggle with or even fail at something. But that’s the point of CrossFit — to make you more well-rounded and harder to kill.
The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open is coming up fast, and every year, without fail, we watch athletes come up against a barbell they can’t lift, a pair of rings they can’t get into, or a pull-up bar they can’t get over because they didn’t commit the time to working on the things with which they struggle. So quit cherry-picking workouts, do your accessory work (no, seriously), and devote some time to working on the movements that are difficult for you. Not only will you be less likely to find yourself stalling out in the middle of an Open workout, but we can promise that it will make you a better athlete in the long run.


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