The ‘why’?  

Registering for class allows our trainers a way to anticipate athlete needs, space considerations, lifting-platform assignments, equipment-needs, time-usage, as well as modifying athlete-needs for a safer and happier community. And perhaps even more importantly, if you do not register for class (and there is literally no one else registered for a given class), you can be guaranteed that NO ONE will be here to receive you, if the gym is even kept open. Or simply put, NO athlete = NO coach and/or NO gym. It’s that simple. 

That said, if you still don’t know all the ways to register for our classes, PLEASE email info@crossfitbelltown.com or stop by the front desk between 4pm and 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for a quick tutorial.

Many Thanks.

CrossFit Belltown and Training Staff

“Registering for class is not optional. You MUST register for all classes you wish to attend.

  • To register for classes online, please go to www.crossfitbelltown.com, click Class Schedule, locate the day & time you wish to attend class and follow remaining prompts. If you have trouble registering for a class, please email info@crossfitbelltown.com  with the day & time you wish to attend class.   
  • Registration deadline for all classes is one hour prior to the start of class. This means if a class is set to start at 4:30pm, the latest you can register (for class) is 3:30pm. Thus, it is important to not miss the cut-off, considering we do not accept walk-ins -and- we do not allow any more than twelve members per class without prior approval. 
  • Should you register for a class, and for whatever reason are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation to avoid being marked as a ‘no-show’, and also to avoid inconveniencing any of our coaches responsible for a class where you may in fact be the only athlete registered. Moreover, if you have a punch card or are paying on a drop-in basis, failure to cancel a reservation will result in a forfeited class.
  • Should you choose to forfeit your reservation without first canceling said reservation when a class is at capacity and/or wait-listed, you are preventing other athletes from attending class. That said, please cancel your reservation if you are are unable to attend class for any reason whatsoever.
  • Should you find that the class you are interested in attending is at capacity, please add yourself to our waitlist. Our wait-list is able to accommodate five additional members. Once on the waitlist, you have an excellent chance of being added to class. Once added (to class), you will be notified via email.
  • Our reservation software does not allow you to register for classes beyond your bill-date. Please understand this is a fail-safe mechanism that prevents members from registering or attending class(es) with an expired or unpaid membership. That  said, we are unable to register you for a class outside of your monthly bill cycle. Should you wish to attend a class outside of your bill cycle, you may purchase an online guest fee for $25 -or- wait for our auto-debit software to bill you for your next month of membership. In either case, DO NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP TO ALLOW YOU THE ABILITY TO CONTINUE TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES BEYOND YOUR BILL-DATE. Doing so will only create a duplicate membership and you will be double-billed for two memberships; a very costly mistake that is sometimes very difficult to reverse.”