CrossFit Belltown

At CrossFit Belltown we believe that true fitness is about more than just a good sweat. At our gym, you will find the most experienced coaches, an emphasis on safe, consistent, functional movement patterns, workouts that are tailored to meet the needs of every member, regardless of age or ability – including everything from personalized and skill-specific programming to rehabilitative programming, and nutrition coaching – and a warm, welcoming community. We don’t just want to help you reach your fitness goals – we want you to have the best possible experience getting there.




What Sets Us Apart

“The Belltown difference is just little tiny things you can do to just go above and beyond the normal standard… You don’t need to have a cool-looking gym. Obviously what keeps clients around is people are coming back for your quality of coaching, your programming. Are you getting them fitter?”
~Nadia Shatila, Owner and Head Coach


Our goal at CrossFit Belltown is to help our athletes achieve their goals by providing them with both the best programming and the best coaching to ensure that each individual is participating in a workout that is both effective and challenging, but also fun, and has been tailored to his or her specific needs and abilities.
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