Month: August 2018

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Workout:  Saved By The Barbell 3 Rounds For Max Reps of: 1 Minute Of Burpees 1 Minute Of Wall-ball Shots (20, 14) 1 Minute Of Deadlifts (115, 75) 1 Minute Of Med-Ball Sit-Ups (20, 14) 1 Minute Of Hang Power Cleans (115, 75) Rest 1 Minute

Friday, August 31, 2018

Workout:  For Time: 2,000 Meter Row 1 Mile Run 2,000 Meter Row 1 Mile Run 2,000 Meter Row TIME CAP: 50 Minutes

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Workout:  For Time: 50 Foot Handstand Walk 9 Squat Cleans (155, 105) 50 Foot Handstand Walk 12 Squat Cleans (155, 105) 50 Foot Handstand Walk 15 Squat Cleans (155, 105) 50 Foot Handstand Walk   Join us Saturday for Saved By the Barbell.  Check out the registration and leaderboard here:

Member Spotlight for August 2018: Emily Swafford

Name:  Emily Swafford DOB:  January 5, 1989 Occupation:  Healthcare Client Relationship Manager CrossFitting Since:  13.3 when I was convinced that my work friend was making a muscle up harder than it needed to be (and quickly learned how wrong I was) First Memorable CrossFit Experience:  13.5 when my workout ended in 4 minutes, and I …
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CrossFit For Kids: Saved by the Barbell

A CrossFit Foundation Workout for Kids Saved by the Barbell is an annual, world-wide CrossFit community Labor Day workout and fundraising effort to bring CrossFit to more kids everywhere. Each year, rates of chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes, obesity, and liver disease – conditions once associated with the sick and elderly – rise among children, …
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