It’s January again and people have set their yearly resolutions and goals.  Have you?

There is tremendous value in taking the time to sit down and write out your goals — putting them down on paper reminds you of what you are working toward, and can help motivate and push you when you need it most.

In the coming days, please take a few minutes and write down a few of your fitness goals on the 2019 Goal Board in the gym. You just need to write your name and two to three fitness goals for the new year.

Some tips to consider when setting goals:

1. Make them quantifiable — Instead of writing “Muscle-ups” or “Double Unders”; quantify them. The more details the better; be as specific as possible. Leave no question as to what it is you want –One kipping ring muscle-up… one strict ring muscle-up… three unbroken kipping muscle-ups. Or how about one double-under… twenty unbroken double unders… or 100 double unders in one minute.

2. Make them plentiful — It can be helpful to set one to two goals you feel are achievable and then shoot for one or two goals that will be a bit more challenging.  At the end of the year, it’s not always about achieving all of your goals; sometimes all the hard work and effort you put in towards one really LARGE goal will be more impactful to your fitness then achieving one or even three of your more attainable goals.  So set a one or two goals that are outside of your comfort zone.

3. Make them big and make them small — Once you have set your “Big Goals”, set some “Little/Process Goals”.  These are the steps and/or things you CAN control; they are things that need to happen in order to help you achieve your “Big Goals”.  If your Big Goal is to get one strict muscle-up by the end of the year, then just writing it down isn’t enough.  You need to set “Process Goals” to help you get there.  Process Goals are things like “I will dedicate 10 minutes per week to working on my muscle-up transition (or ring dip, or ring pull-up).

Lastly, in order to achieve said goal(s), not only does it help to write them down, but you also have to put in the work! Come in, have fun… but most importantly, STAY focused!  Coming in and going through the motions will not get the job done alone. You’ve got to put your head down, do the work, and start attacking those 2018 goals from day one, on!

If you are unsure or need help setting goals for the new year, please chat with a trainer.