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Friday Night Lights

CrossFit Open 2019 The 2019 CrossFit Open is officially upon us. In preparation for another successful competition this year, here are a few important things to know: – The CrossFit Open takes place across a five-week period, from February 21st through March 25th, 2019. The schedule is as follows: Workout #1 release-date  Feb 21st Workout …
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CrossFit Belltown – Snow Report

This week’s weather calls for quite a bit of snow and ice. And as everyone knows, snow and ice makes driving/cycling/walking conditions a tad unsafe. That said, we are going to do our level best to keep the gym open for as many classes as possible this week. In the meantime, we humbly ask for …
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CrossFit Belltown Member Spotlight – January 2019

Checkout our member spotlight for this month:  Cianna. Click

Run the 8k on Saturday, February 2

For those of you registered or still interested in running the tunnel for our WOD on February 2nd, Saturday. It will be an 8k run through the new 99 tunnel and via-duct, there will be a hosted Open Gym as well that day, so no worries for those who have alternate programming. Member Sarah M …
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Are you Resolute?

It’s January again and people have set their yearly resolutions and goals.  Have you? There is tremendous value in taking the time to sit down and write out your goals — putting them down on paper reminds you of what you are working toward, and can help motivate and push you when you need it …
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Member Spotlight for December 2018 – Trent

Checkout our Member Spotlight for December 2018 here!