On Saturday, April 27th, CrossFit Belltown will be participating with CrossFit Gyms across the country to support #OneMind1Force.  
#One Mind1Force is an event to bring awareness of strokes and raise donations for Jesse Crespo.
Jesse Crespo is the owner and Head Coach of CrossFit1 Force , a proud New Jersey State Trooper and an amazing father of four. On March 19, Jesse underwent routine jaw surgery and suffered a massive stroke in his cerebellum and another stroke in the right frontal lobe of his brain.

The strokes went undetected and Jesse was discharged from the hospital with extreme dizziness, nausea and intense head pain. Five days later as the head pain continued to worsen, Jesse returned to the hospital. An MRI showed both strokes, and Jesse underwent an emergent craniotomy to save his life.

Despite the enormity of the stroke in his cerebellum, Jesse continues to marvel his medical teams with his progress. There is no doubt that Jesse’s strength and fitness level saved his life. Jesse is now rehabbing at Magee Rehabilation and 100% focused on getting well doing therapy multiple hours a day.

Jesse’s wife Erin took a leave of absence from her job and the box to be by his side. Teams of family and friends are helping care for their four children and mini golden doodle Rico. The awesome staff of CrossFit 1Force is banning together to keep the community informed, engaged and of course—fit AF.

Jesse’s influence is felt far and wide in the CrossFit community. Over the past decade, Jesse has trained thousands of athletes and mentored many amazing coaches—and six have gone on to open affiliates in the area. So many are reaching out and asking how to help, so those closest to Jesse have designed ways for this community to come together and help his family in their time of need while promoting stoke awareness.

Jesse has helped influence countless minds—who have gone onto inspire others—and this cycle will be without end. With your help, we will lighten the Crespo’s load of unexpected expenses while they are out of work during this critical time of need.

Logistically, Saturday will be business as usual. We will get information for donations, should you choose to help.