Here’s the low-down, in plain language.  

While your immune system is grappling with a upper respiratory tract infection (cold, flu, etc…) it is under stress to adapt as quickly as possible and bring the organism (you) back into homeostasis.  This means, part of your system is tasked with making you well again. When you add the intensity of a WOD or the kind of training we do at CrossFit Belltown, you decrease your immune system’s ability to adapt to the infection(double/triple stress, double whammy)…you slow down your recovery.  In the process you are sharing pathogens and infecting anyone who works out in the same area as yourself.

In this changing of the season, when people seem to catch and carry URTI, let’s all agree to stay home and get better, and instead of training go on long walks and easy bike rides in the limited sun to increase vitamin D and bolster all of our immune systems.

While exercising will release endorphins thereby making you feel better while you’re sick.  If you’re exercising in an effective way, with intensity, you are slowing down your immune system’s adaptive response to infection.